Super Lovers 2: Episode 1

A continuation of an incestuous love affair.

Fortunately, they are not related by blood — but they are technically brothers.

Warning: There will be spoilers in this review. You have been warned.

9bb38531df3935283d27bac2afd68f351472564197_fullI’ve binge-watched the first season of Super Lovers so that I have the capacity to write about the 2nd season without so much as a bias since it’s a BL anime.

Yes, I love BL.

The episode starts off where the last season left off. Their mother is staying with all the brothers, and one of the twins refused to stay there with her so he opted to crash in someone else’s home. Ren still thinks like a broody kid while Haru wants to be all touchy with his youngest brother.

Their mother, Haruko, wants to go back to Switzerland and bring Ren along. Of course, Ren will refuse to budge because his dream is to live with Haru (forever and ever). This wasn’t appropriately brought up by the couple so it got stuck between their thoughts that Ren, in his broodiness thought that his big brother is mad at him.

No Ren, he’s just jealous.

And as usual, all romantic (and sexual) scenes in the anime are cut off when someone enters and disrupts their concentration to one another — which irks me a little as this scenarios getting stale.

I think Yuri on Ice spoiled me (along with good BL anime’s out there), and made me not enjoy the first episode of this one. Watching the last season also didn’t give me the doki-doki feeling that I was hoping for watching a love story.

Will I watch the rest of the season? Maybe.

How about you? Have you watched this anime? What did you think of it?


4 thoughts on “Super Lovers 2: Episode 1

  1. This story is definitely stalled at this point with neither of the characters or their relationship progressing (not that I’m a big fan of this relationship given the age difference but if they are going to write a story about it there should perhaps be a story).

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    1. I agree with you. I mean, I like a good BL or two but I still prefer the story over pairing any day. The age difference doesn’t really bother me that much but if the story doesn’t progress, I don’t see the need to watch it.

      How about you? Are you watching it still or not anymore?

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