Passengers: A Movie Review

If you are going be stuck with only (1) other person for 90 days, who would you want it to be?

Warning: There will be spoilers in this review. You have been warned.

passengers_2016_film_posterThe first quarter 1/3 of the movie is all about loneliness and how man succumb to temptation when alone, despite having a willpower of a saint. We as human beings crave socialization, and eventually we will crave it to the point that we are not rational enough to think what is wrong and what is right.

That is what happened to the protagonist played by Chris Pratt. He was awaken accidentally due to an malfunction in the machine’s system. Everyone in the ship are supposed to wake up 4 months before their intended arrival to Homestead II. The actual trip takes 120 years and it’s the 30 year mark which leaves him 90 years to wallow in loneliness and depression.

The next thirds of the movie is about finding companionship despite being stranded in the middle of the galaxy and wasting away. Happiness can be achieved the more you are with another person.

Here the protagonist fell in love with a still sleeping girl who he had researched beforehand. His companionship with the android bartender can only go so far and he craves to be with someone who has feelings and human emotions. It took him more than a year before he caved and forcefully awaken the sleeping woman.

It was supposed to be a happy ending but the android spilled the beans to his companion.

Last part of the film is about saving the other people still sleeping, as the errors in the system ultimately managed to break the system and haywire the reactor. One of member of the crew was woken up due to another malfunction, which is the luck factor in the movie. Unfortunately, due to the malfunction, all the necessary health checks and vaccination was not done properly. This led to the untimely demise of the character but leaving his access key to override certain protocols in the system.

The story of the Passengers is pretty predictable, just straightforward story-telling. There are no hidden plots or twists. The ending was so-so as there was an expectation of what had happened to the couple once the crew and other passengers was awoken from their 120 year slumber.

The acting of Jennifer Lawrence was amazing. She really captured the anger when she found out that the person she trusted and loved had practically murdered her as she was forced to wake up. There were elements like the gravity problems and how it almost killed her while she was swimming in the ships pool.

Overall the movie is pretty OK, nice to watch once but not repeatable as the plot is predictable. It had nice build-up as they try to resolve the issues between them, and of course fix the ship so that they can save the rest of the people aboard.



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