Seklusyon: A Movie Review

When asked to choose — humans will go to the easy path, not the right path.

Warning: There will be spoilers in this review. You have been warned.

seklusyonposterOne of the MMFF contenders in 2016, the movie seemed interesting enough and I personally would want to watch a horror film made with a nice plot and not just a collection of jump scare tactics.

Seklusyon makes use of what is commonly known in our country: RELIGION. The Philippines is a predominantly catholic country and this themes makes you question what you believe in, testing your faith.

The movie itself still has a few jump factors but most of the time, it uses the viewers minds on what if scenarios, trying to understand the characters as they developed through the role.

The story starts with a little girl who seemed to be healing a lot of people, cared by a nun and a suspicious priest who wants to know if the little girl is the real thing, that can be anointed as a living saint.seklusyon2

At the same time, Seminarians arrived in a secluded house where they must stay for 7 days before they can be ordained. The keeper is an excommunicated priest and had told them that the devil is the strongest when they are nearer to their goal.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the little girl and the nun was housed at the same place where the seminarians are. The keeper left telling them the nun will be the one helping them and everything goes shit from there.

The cinematography of the movie is spot on, you can definitely feel that it is indeed the 40s. However, I got somewhat confused at some moments when they go back from one location to another.seklusyon1

Another issue that I had was the plot itself.  While it was interesting and new, I was hoping for a more open ending — or at least when they revealed what the little girl is, they have revealed it towards the end, not in the middle. It was anti-climactic since you already know where her loyalty lies.

The character development of the seminarians were exciting. Trying to guess what their hidden sin is and understanding their motives why they want to be priests. It was unique and so believable that you want them to get away unscathed.

Movie lines are memorable and very realistic. The movie really played on human nature and how they will interact with the environment surrounding them.

Overall, the movie is a nice addition to all the horror movie collectors out there. It was fresh and something to look forward for.



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