#JapanAutumn2016 Day 7

It’s off to Tokyo!

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I got everything planned on that day before we board our train to Tokyo.

Unfortunately, everything was out of wack that day. I got confused by the trains that we need to go to Kyoto. Got lost in the Osaka and Kyoto station while looking for lockers so that we can drop off our bag for the time being. And I didn’t account the complexity of bringing our luggage everywhere while we are planning to do something.

Lego station display in Kyoto Station

I wanted to wear a kimono and have a picture taken while walking around the said area. But because of the problems we have experienced, we skipped it and just wait for our train to arrive going to Tokyo.

Yup! We cooked this deliciousness!

The good thing about the day is that the room that we are going to moved into for the rest of the trip can accommodate us checking in much earlier than expected. We decided to just get to the area early and have dinner.

After settling down, we decided to roam around the area and saw a 100-yen shop. We were scouting for japanese lanterns that we can use for our event in December but they are not selling those.

It was so cold that night and we saw a nabemono restaurant, which made me crave for something hot to fill our stomachs.

With my basic japanese, I ordered for us and was able to converse a little with the server. Granted that she also spoke a little English for us to understand her.

Motsunabe was soooooo goooood!!!!

We ordered motsunabe good for (2) people and chahan. We were pleasantly surprised that the server only brought ingredients and cooking the actual chahan is our job — which I don’t mind because I do it all the time.

The motsunabe was glorious. Fatty offals the right amount of broth and vegetables that satisfied my craving of a soup based meal. We were stuffed full after that and was happy to return back to our room, ready to tackle on the next day.


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