Kickstarter 2016

Hi Kickstarter — we meet again.

successSo me and my friend were stoked when we found out that another game will be released as a successor of The Exploding Kittens called Bears vs Babies. We were so happy with the previous game that we decided to back this as well.

The game is pretty simple and straightforward. Players need to create monsters that are called bears (which most of the time doesn’t look like one), to battle the evil babies. When the babies are provoked, then all of the players must fight with their existing monsters bears (why do I keep calling them monsters?).

Now, the fun part is that you provoke the babies before the other players are ready because more babies vs monster parts is a bad. So essentially, you try to cock-block everyone and win with more babies that you have massacred.

I miss board games. Le sigh.



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