#JapanAutumn2016 Day 6

We finally went to the Osaka Aquarium! It was an amazing experience!

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kaiyukanTo give you a little bit of history, when we went to Japan last March, we were supposed to go to this famous aquarium. But since we are a little older now, we were so tired from our previous adventure that we opted to just lie in bed and get up when we are ready. We finished that day by going to Namba and looking at Book Off shops for some goodies.

Yes, we are old. Ha. Ha.

Fast forward to November, we manage to wake up early despite Osaka being dreary and wet. It’s definitely a bed weather but we push thru with our plans because in our minds, we might not have a chance to see this, ever again.

Navigating around Osaka is not that hard, except the trains are usually not on time, unlike in Tokyo — but we managed despite being cold and wet the whole day.kaiyukan-edited

What is interesting about this aquarium is that you take the escalator up to the top floor and you walk your way down to the ground floor. When you move from one floor to another, it represents the area of sea level. For example, when we were on the top floor, what we saw are otters and those big ass lizards that I forgot what they were called because they are really big!

Then as we move down, we finally see some penguins, whale sharks, manta rays and assorted fishes living in the ocean. As we go down some more, jelly fishes and all those sea creature who live at the bottom of the ocean are displayed. Some of them are just replicas, while others are skeletons of the past.dbz-cafe

It’s amazing how the animals live and survive in their world and looks wonderful. At the ground floor, you can touch sharks and manta rays for free (yey). However, you must wash your hands before and after touching the animals — for sanitation purposes. Manta rays are so slimy while the little sharks skin is so rough.

It was lunch time and one my friend who had traveled in Osaka previously had mentioned to me this restaurant called Kuma Cafe. I decided that we should try it for a different food adventure!

Unfortunately, the food adventure run short as the cafe is surprisingly closed. So we dredged back to the train station and decided to try the Dragon Ball cafe instead since we are suckers for anime themed cafesdbz-cafe-edited

We arrived at Tower Records in Umeda and tried out their food. It’s hilarious that there’s a dish called Vegeta’s Salad which consists of Raditzsh, Napa Cabbage and KakCarrotos. I see what you did there Japan.

We finished the day by walking around Umeda, and checking out Kiddyland, another treasure place where you can buy latest anime merchandise.

kitty-pawsAnd we bought some kitty paw ice cream dessert and pastries because who wouldn’t love kitty paws, right? They are adorable and made me not want to eat them. But I still did because they are yummy!

The drink is just water and the leftover dry ice in the ice cream bag. Me and my significant other decided to have fun with it.

After eating our treat back in our room, we packed up majority of our belongings and ready them for our return to Tokyo trip the next day.


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