Yuri on Ice

What did you expect? I ❤ the anime, but I can’t bear to review it — yet. Maybe if the latest season is finished.

For now, I will explain how my love for ice skating resurfaced because of this anime.

wp-1479662259152.jpgWhen I was a child, I had this 30 minute coach in one of the ice skating rink near our house. Up until yesterday, I don’t remember why I wanted to skate when I was young.

Peer pressure perhaps? But among my friends, I am the only one who wants to pursue this.

It must be something that I watched. But what was it?

It came as a realization when I was reading a facebook entry the other night. It was about Johnny Weir and how Episode 7 of Yuri on Ice paid homage to the controversial skater.

Why was he controversial? He came out as gay and despite being good in what he does, people can’t take him seriously because of what he revealed of himself.

So is he the one that triggered my love for skating? Nope. I didn’t know he existed until I read the entry but I was thankful that he was a role model and was successful in his career.

Now, at that moment, I wanted to see for myself how he skates because I was curious. I watched his performance in youtube and I was impressed! He was really good!wp-1479630544579.jpg

Then I saw an interview of him. He mentioned his idol named Oksana Baiul (among other famous skaters) and it rang a bell in my head! I heard that name before but I have forgotten where or how.

I searched for Oksana Baiul’s video and it dawned to me that the video that I remembered watching was a documentary on how she won her Olympic Gold Medal despite having (3) stitches on her leg and a couple of injected pain killers in her body. It was truly an inspiring documentary which made me want to start skating as well.

So fast forward today, I went ice skating with my friends. I wanted to see if I still know how to skate despite not being in the skating rink for several years. They say it’s like riding a bike. I was pleasantly surprised that even if the rented skates were rusty, I was did not fall down and was able to go around the area as if nothing has changed.

It was so exhilarating that the wind is blowing against your face as you skate faster and faster until you get to that corner and try to stop as fast as you can. My feet were aching after skating for more than (3) hours and it was a good thing that the skating rink near us only has a the skate all you can rate.

wp-1479662255025.jpgInside me, there’s this pang of regret and asked myself why did I not pursue this. Then the practical side of me says that we don’t have enough money to sustain this hobby. Now, we can skate for fun alone and be with my friends without any pressures.

Besides, I would be thinking of attending Japanese lessons again and I need it more than skating. 🙂



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