#JapanAutumn2016 Day 5

Off to an island called Miyajima!

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What a wonderful view.

The day started off as usual — wake up and then go to our bullet train to Hiroshima. Why are we going there you ask? We are going to visit the Itsukushima Shrine where the floating Torii is seen.

Upon arriving to the Miyajimaguchi station, we walk towards the ferry where there are two lines of ferry boats sail to Miyajima Island. Since we wanted to maximise the JR Pass, we opted for the JR ferry as it is also inclusive of the services. The actual ride is about 10 minutes and we get to take a picture of the island from afar, as well as the floating torii.

Upon entering the island, we were surprised that there are deers! Some of them are lounging under the shade, some are walking around — others are harassing the visitors and eating the paper maps we have gotten when we arrive the island!


Of course, the sign says don’t feed them so, we will not feed them. Sorry deers, but rules are rules.

It was funny that we were suppose to go to Nara Park to catch a sight of deers, that we decided not to go anymore since we get to see them already.

After taking a picture with the torii, we ate lunch in one of the shops and then decided to trek the mountain to go the park where the deers are. We were bombarded with the awesome view of a river and trees with orange and red leaves. The trek was tiring but since it’s autumn and cold, we weren’t really bothered by walking. It’s the incline which kills you, you know?!

Chestnut roasted on an open fire. Not really but still yummy!

Arriving on the park, there were only a few deers. We trek all that for nothing?! Gar. But we took some pictures anyways and tried trolling the dear with it.

We bought a roasted corn upon getting down from the park and the deer saw us, so it followed us around. I slapped one because it was trying to check and see if it can eat something from my bag. I don’t need deer saliva on my bag and that is the only bag that I have. We finished our meal in haste as while we are walking, they were still following us. I also bought roasted chestnuts and grateful that they didn’t seemed to know that I still was holding food after finishing the corn.

We entered the shop where they sold these mini pancakes with fillings and shape like a leaf. We bought an assorted one in a box as a souvenir.

Crab porridge, so yummy!

After arriving in Shin-Osaka station, we decided to try the ever famous snow crab. I tried one last March and I was so in love with it. It was pretty expensive but we would want to try it at least once.

We opted for a shabu-shabu, and then after eating everything, the server will bring a cup of rice and will make porridge out of the remaining broth. It was glorious, to say the least. The crab was sweet and delicate at the same time. The meal was perfect for a cold autumn evening and a perfect end of the day.

Autumn is here!

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