#JapanAutumn2016 Day 4 — Sera Myu Review

And we went back to Osaka to watch the last showing of the Sera Myu. Since it’s mostly an uneventful day for us, I decided to make this entry more of a review of Sera Myu: Amour Eternal as a whole.

Please note that I only basic Japanese and majority of the assumptions in this review is based on my knowledge in the manga and 90s anime. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS, SO BE WARNED!

To check out the previous installments: Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3

Breakfast for Champions!

Since we have booked our seat reservations to all our bullet trains in advance, we didn’t really need to rush to Shinagawa station and line up early to get a seat in our return trip to Osaka.

The actual trip was uneventful, we mostly slept the whole thing. It always amazes me that every time we ride the bullet train, it makes me feel sleepy as it likes cradling you to sleep all through out the trip. It also made me hungry. Haha.

We went straight to the hall when the musical is going to be held. It’s about 14:30 but I was pleasantly surprised that the line isn’t that long yet considering the show will start an hour early as the cast will perform some omake for us. I was thinking to myself that I will buy the towel that I wasn’t able to buy last time!

Upon entering the lobby, I bought what needed to buy and some additional. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any signed can badges but I am happy with my haul.

Like I said in my Day 2 post, it was both magical and boring. It was magical for me because it was the first time I get to watch the show and it was a part of my bucket list. It was boring because it was slow paced that sometimes it made me feel a little sleepy. Mind you, I did not fall asleep, fortunately, it didn’t come to that.

My coveted towel!!!!!

The story starts of is almost the same with the manga and anime, there was an eclipse and the Dead Moon Circus arrive to entertain the civilians, which includes Mamoru, Usagi, Chibiusa and the rest of the inner senshi. Right off the bat, Fish Eye developed a crush at Mamoru, much to Usagi’s chagrin — because you know, he’s the only eligible guy around. And yes, his chest aches from time to time as a reflection of what is about to happen in the future.

Eventually, Pegasus shows himself to be a very good dancer to Chibiusa in her dreams. At first he was skittish but eventually, he warms up to Chibiusa and he brings her to several places in Tokyo. It was funny that Chibiusa thought that he eats carrots, being a type of horse and all,  and when presented, he motions that he doesn’t like them. It was a good rendition as I doubt that they can use a real horse on set.

More conversations and finally the Fish Eye figured it out that they don’t have any dreams. Both Tiger Eye and Hawk Eye viewed the inner senshi’s dreams but they did not see Pegasus in them. Also, Chibiusa calls out to Pegasus to explain why she can call him and introduces himself as “Helios”.

So where are the outers? Well, Haruka and Michiru got back from their trip, while Hotaru is with Setsuna all the time, who was still a baby when they left her. Hotaru then comes out as a teenager and warned them of the enemy that is slowly creeping towards them. They transformed to help the others and it ended with a glorious battle and as Chibiusa called for Helios, he writhes in pain as he was captured by the enemies.

The intermission was delightful as I purposely went out to see if there are remaining can badges that I can buy (maybe I can score for a signed one) — but of course it’s already sold out. And also, from last show I attened, both Fish Eye and Tiger Eye went out the lobby, then entered the main hall as part of their performance. And yes, they still did it and I was close enough to say hi. ❤

Second half starts after Zirconia says “It’s Show Time” and the Dead Moon circus display their acts which were shut down by the senshis. It all leads to the part where they see an evil Pegasus and Tuxedo Kamen had to use all of his power to revert Pegasus back to his original form. Oh, and the Amazon Trio, along with Zirconia are also defeated.

Flower Stands 🙂

Queen Nehellenia got the Golden Crystal from Tuxedo Kamen, which led to his demise. While Super Sailormoon was panicking, Sailor Chibimoon grunted in pain and since her father is gone, she can’t exist as well, right? So in one darkened moment, both Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Chibimoon disappears on stage. It brought me to tears.

Sailor Moon traveled inside the mirror and Nehellenia gave her a glimpse of the past when she was born. The senshis are defeated and Super Sailormoon gave the Silver Crystal to the enemy in the hopes to save everyone — but to no avail.

When Nehellenia tried to use the cyrstals, she wasn’t able to summon them as it needed the power of everyone to bring forth its true power. Since she is alone, then nothing will happen.

Of course, eventually, Super Sailormoon was able to get the crystal once again and managed to transform into Eternal Sailormoon and successfully defeats Queen Nehellenia. THE END.

Now, I will list some good points and some bad points about the musical, and I’ll try to be objective as well.

Good points:

  • The casting for Queen Nehellenia, Zirconia and the Amazon Trio were amazing. They carried the acting well and their singing prowess was superb.
  • Despite not being good looking, Pegasus’ acting and dancing skills were awesome. What I like about his acting skills is that he presents himself as a boy, which is somewhat endearing.
  • They retained the Airi Kanda as Chibiusa. I loved her in last year’s performance and I am glad that they had casted her again.
  • They retained the outer senshi. ‘Nuff said.
  • The lighting and special effects were magical. When the senshi attacks, you can see the powers being displayed in the lighting. They also use the stage effectively. There is a circle on the left side of the stage and it is used to display like Pegasus wings and the eclipse. Additionally, there’s a see through screen being displayed to represent that the stage in front is on another dimension as the back.
  • The Dead Moon Circus performed really well, especially performing the circus tricks like hanging on the loop or bouncing using a big rubber ball. It’s like watching a circus honestly.

Bad points:

  • The new inner senshis were a little stiff on stage and Usagi sometimes go off-key. On both the performances, there were instances that she had that problem. I can chalk it to experience as maybe it’s her first time to be in a musical.
  • There were areas in the plot where it was the same as like last year. I mean, Sailor Chibimoon was capture again and then Tuxedo Kamen came in by throwing a rose (well, how would he come in anyways? :P).
  • The plot is a reminiscent of a school play. The stage was elaborate but there were moments where maybe they should not have included anymore, like the background story of Nehellenia, which for me, took forever.
  • Amazon Quartet is not there — but maybe there are too many characters already.

    Yuga Yamato thanking her fans.

Overall, I am enternally grateful that I was able to watch the musical. Despite the problems in plot, it was still an amazing experience. I am still deciding if I will be watching next year considering I don’t really like the Eternal Arc and Seiya specifically — but all for the fandom!

Oh, Yuuga Yamato, Tuxedo Kamen’s actress, always comes out after the show to personally greet and thank her fans for attending the show. It was sweet of her.

AND — I GOT TO HI-FIVE WITH SAILOR MARS, SAILOR VENUS AND SAILOR SATURN! It’s funny that Sailor Saturn stopped before she hi-five me. Maybe it’s because of my blue green hair. HAHAHA.



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