#JapanAutumn2016 Day 3

And it’s Tokyo time! We ride our first bullet train today to catch a concert!

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Our holy grail: Book Off! 😀

Our day started out with breakfast (as usual) and then catching the train from Shin-Osaka. We got there on time, thankful to the ever efficient train system of Japan. I just wish that it will be implemented in our country as well so that a lot of people will benefit.

But I digress.

We arrive at Shinagawa station at about noon and our target destination for the day is Ikebukuro to meet up with some friends before we go to the concert hall. But before we change trains, I need to book us a bullet train back to Osaka on our last day because our JR Pass is over by that time.

Gift Gate store in Ikebukuro!

To give you a little explanation, we are staying in Japan for 10 days. Thursday to Sunday, the following week. We are staying in Osaka from Thursday to Wednesday, then we will stay in Tokyo from Wednesday to Sunday. We bought the 7-day unlimited JR Pass and we started using it on Saturday. Since it only lasts for 7 days, the end date of the pass is Friday the week after. The efficient way to utilize it is to buy a one way ticket back to Osaka to board return flight, as it is cheaper rather than buying two-way bullet train tickets for the concert that we are attending, then use the ticket starting at Day 4.

To buy the cheapest bullet train ticket, you have to buy the slowest one which is called Kodama. It will take us (4) hours to get back to Osaka because it will stop at all stations in between.

But wait!

There is a cheaper option of Kodama with the same benefits which is called Platt Kodama, which will save you  JPY3,840 per person which is a huge savings, versus buying it on the automated ticket dispensers in the stations.

After buying the Kodama tickets, we arrive at the Ikebukuro station for a meet-up with friends who attended the Animate Girls Festival. To pass time as we are needed in the concert venue at 17:00, we went to our favorite place to buy second-hand books and DVDs called Book Off.

Other than Akihabara, Book Off is a place where you try and look for the most coveted photo books or concert DVDs that you would want in your life time. You just need to be patient enough to look for it and check out as much branches as you can while in the area.

Stage design FTW!

From Ikebukuro Station, we have to hurry up and go to Makuhari Messe which is about almost an hour of travel (yes, it’s JR stations so our passes covered it).

We attended Konomi Suzuki‘s birthday concert and the it was wonderful. I don’t know any of her songs but I felt her passion in singing. Her fans are also passionate about her performance that they wave their light sticks with gusto. They have broken several Ultra Orange as well which made me wish that the fans also in my country are this passionate. All the light sticks are color coordinated and waving at the same time.

The pyrotechnics display and the impressive use of hydraulics are superb, making me want to achieve that kind of feat in terms of concert in our country. I applaud the artists performance and was grateful to have this opportunity to attend such event.

Konomi Suzuki’s Flower Stands

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