#JapanAutumn2016 Day 2

This is our Day 2 in the Land of the Rising Sun. We are still in Osaka! 🙂

For Day 1 of out trip, you can check it out here.

JR Pass!

Day 2 started as usual. I cooked breakfast (because it’s cheaper) and left the room at about 9:00 to change our JR passes in any Midori no Madoguchi (みどりの窓口) near us. If you don’t know what a JR pass is, it is a pass to any JR Railway in Japan. They have several types and we bought the 7-day unlimited JR lines — which includes the Shinkansen (bullet trains) and the Miyajima Ferry. Having the JR Pass is cheap if you are travelling using several bullet trains for your vacation. The cost of the pass is like riding Tokaido Shinkansen from Tokyo to Osaka, and then back. In my experience, riding a bullet train at least (3) times is already an excuse to buy it as you have already consumed the amount.

Since seat reservations for bullet trains are free when you have the pass and to be time efficient, I have already prepared our itinerary beforehand which also indicates that type of bullet train we are riding, what time and what number. This enables me to reserve the tickets after claiming our passes. Reservation is optional but I like the convenience that we have seats in the train while riding for several hours. Please note that there are bullet train restrictions and you should read them all before buying the passes and reserve your seats.

Woah! A real astronaut suit!

Then we rode the train to Higobashi Station where we have walk for 5-10 minutes to reach the Osaka Science Museum where we have experience science with kids. Several of them are having their field trip and most of them are very curious on how this and that work. We also tried out the planetarium but we fell asleep halfway because it’s all in Japanese and the night sky is so magical that we felt sleepy.

We then proceed to travel to Umeda Station and locate the music hall where Sera Myu will be playing. This is my first time watching it and I absolutely adore Sailor Moon. I am also in love with both Sailor Neptune and Uranus, both the 2D characters and the actresses who portrayed them in this run.

After a short lunch in one of the near convenience stores (because the food places in the venue is so damn expensive), we went to the hall and was pleasantly surprised that there was someone in line. It was only 13:30 at that time and the hall will open at 17:30.

But well, Japan is known for lines. Ha. Ha.

The first in line and the person behind me started conversing me. I only know basic Japanese but the first person in line was kind enough to translate the conversation and for the person behind me. It was funny when one of them noted that they saw us in the convenience store and told herself that Michiru is there with her. I died a little when I heard that, patting myself at the back for dyeing my hair in that color.


Feet aching, I surprised myself that I was able to stand in line for (3) hours before someone announced that for the fan’s club members, we can participate in the raffle. The prize were as follows:

(A) Picture with the Outer Senshi
(B) Sign of the Outer Senshi
(C) Sticker for your Suica Card

Since I am not lucky for these types of things, I only got the (C) prize. T_T

I was disappointed at how the line went. Yes — I was silently judging them considering I also organize events in my country. I didn’t mind that I stood there for more than (3) hours but as a fan club member, I was hoping that we were the first ones to get in as we paid for the the fan’s club fee, etc. It was a disappointment that people who are not a member got in first since the raffle started at the same time the doors open for the hall. The effect is that one merchandise that I wanted to get is already sold out by the time I arrive at the selling table. It was a good thing that I will be watching the last showing and I will have the opportunity to purchase them again.

The Sera Myu itself was both magical and boring. Some of the scenes were too dragging and I regretted not watching the last year’s performance. However, it was still surreal that the songs that I was able to just watch on DVD are being sung in front of me. I can see their interactions and understand (not fully, but it was fine enough) their conversations. I cried a little and was happy nevertheless. I will probably put an in depth review about Amour Eternal in the near future.

Flower Stands

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