#JapanAutumn2016 Day 1

Hi! I am Vega Tuesday and I am about to let you in in our adventure in Japan. To give you a brief introduction, I have been visiting Japan since 2014 and I have not stopped visiting it because of the culture. This trip is my 4th trip of the year, thus checking one item in my bucket list in being in Japan for all seasons in a year.

I have decided to write this to help other aspiring travelers on what to expect and what you need to know to help you cut costs in your vacation.


For the record, we have visited Osaka, Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Nikko.

The main purpose of this autumn trip is

  1. Get a check in our bucket list
  2. Watch Sailor Moon Musical (Sera Myu) for real
  3. Watch an actual J-pop concert

Day 1 consists of packing (yes, a few hours of our flight) and the actual traveling to Japan, plus a few more things that we did. The security personnel was a kind woman and just asked how did I achieve such Blue Green hair color. Yes, I dye my hair in Michiru / Sailor Neptune shade because I can. I gave her a few tips as well as a thank you.

We landed at about 20:00 in Osaka and I had to rush in getting the following:

  • Mobile Wifi rental which was rented out in advance because it’s cheaper. I have been using WiFi-Rental Store for a couple of times and they have pretty much the cheapest and reliable out in the market. I claimed ours in one of the booths in the airport and you just need to return it by putting it in a return envelope and drop it in one of the mail posts anywhere.

    Rapi:t Train looks like a Zaku! O.O
  • Claim the Rapi:t tickets that I booked online. If you don’t know, there is a limited express from Kansai
    International Airport (KIX)
    to Namba Station which is called Rapi:t. You can book the tickets here and it’s cheaper by JPY300 one way per person. I have booked a two way ticket (less JPY600/person of course) and you can claim the KIX – Namba in the Airport and the Namba – KIX in Namba train station.

We were supposed to claim our JR Passes as well but then, it was already 21:30 and we have to get to our room to rest as well. We can claim them the next day if needed.

We have booked an Airbnb room near Umeda Station as the hall where Sera Myu will be held is near there. It’s better to be prepared rather than missing the opportunities in your way. We passed by a convenience store to stock up on breakfast essentials like eggs, bread and bacon. It is much cheaper to buy and cook them rather than the ones that are ready made.


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