Tomorrow is a brand new day!

Tomorrow, me and my significant other will be travelling to Japan. With this trip, we have completed our bucket list of being in Japan for every season in a year. Originally, this was a bucket list of one my closest friend and I wanted to pursue that dream.

Despite financial difficulty (I got laid off and doing freelance work now), we have managed to get to the land of the rising sun. I am treating this Japan travel as if it were our last.

I have been depressed since I lost my job. Now, I am slowly trying to stand up again. Looking for work and trying to do projects to relive my passion once again.

I have opened up a shop called Trash Girls which pre-orders and sells fandom related stuff. I am also thinking of resurrecting my baking skills and collect orders again as this was somewhat profitable venture for me before.

I am still part of an event organizing team and is managing to project manage something big next year.

Battling my depression one day at a time is hard. I only confessed it to a friend and they had managed to encourage me to move on — but there are times when I just want to curl in bed and cry.

This too shall pass as well and I will push thru life as we know it.



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