Up and Away!

I am back. It’s been so long. So what’s new in my world?

Two weeks ago I have been laid off. I remember my spouse having that same depression that I am feeling. 5 years of work and it amounts to nothing.

I was depressed, saddened. I cried when I see my boss and he was also so sad because our team is now reduced to less than half of the original number.

It was heartbreaking to see the team be pushed and shoved aside like a sack, waiting to be forgotten until they become relevant again.

I am 90% OK now. Working plans A-Z on how to survive.

I was on sick leave when the mass lay off was done. They had to call me in our home to say that I was being laid off. Our previous boss was the one who called me and I was a little happy that he was the one who talked to me. I cried and cried while looking at online sites that I can apply that afternoon.

My friend was telling me to seek a lawyer for it but upon reading the labor code, the company is abiding the law. I don’t want to waste time and resources dwelling on what-ifs because at the end of the day, it won’t change — I am still out of work.

I am looking at the bright side. I can now concentrate in organizing events for the time being, and writing on this blog. AND I CAN WAKE UP LATE EVERYDAY! Haha.

This is the end of my rainbow, but I am starting a new one!

Sometimes, HOPE is the only thing that you can do. 🙂



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