I have been juggling stuff recently that I had to stop writing on this blog. There are a lot of episodes that have been missed and I plan on still continuing on reviewing them. I do apologize for the delay.

Today, with a heavy heart, I have finally say good-bye to a person who I thought would be professional enough to acknowledge difference of everyones perspective. I can not say this in person or post this anywhere other than this blog without my anonyminity threatened to be removed. This is the sole purpose of keeping a blog without anything attached to me personally.

At first I want to be angry, to throw a tantrum at the circumstances that was served to me. I wanted to shout and reveal to the whole world the reason of unprofesionalism of a person they so admired. I wanted to tell that being ungrateful is an ugly trait and eventually it will catch up to you and you will be crippled by it.

I have prided myself in doing what needs to be done, to be strict or lenient when needed, to compromise to the best of the abilities without endangering everyone.

Alas I failed on one.

But we must always pick up myself and move one with one eye looking back, and another eye looking forward. People come and go in your life, but you must always try to see the bright light beyond the murky waters of your existence.

And with this, I will also surpass the challenge and be able to build a new beginning.



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