[TBT] Scion: Hero — Chapter 1

Note: This chapter 1 was written in my previous blog and sadly, our game has been discontinued.

This is a story of our table-top RPG game in Scion in my character’s POV. Scion was published by White Wolf Inc. and based on American Gods by Neil Gaiman. My character’s name is Noir Valentine, an african-american mortal whose job is to assassinate people for living. She’s 20 years old, lives in New Orleans and a Scion of Kalfu.

Chapter 1

San Franciso, Present Day

I didn’t even remember closing my eyes; I feel like everything was swirling all around me. When everything stopped, I opened my eyes and saw that I was not anywhere near the vicinity of my hit. I noted that I was in a middle of the sidewalk; several people are sashaying away from me as I stood there like a stone.

The bag that contains my weapons is still held by my hand, and the necklace was still hanging on my neck; I did not even remember putting it on. A pair of dark colored glasses dangled at the front of my shirt, waiting to be used. Grabbing and putting them on as the glaring noon sun is not helping with my predicament.

What surprised me is that the shades aren’t what it seemed. I know that one of the lenses is missing from the frame and yet when I wear them, it functioned as any normal shades do. The people around me don’t seem to care or see that I’m wearing weird glasses, they just walk around me.

“So I’m in San Francisco then.” I said to myself and started to walk along the street full of people. As I crossed the next street, I felt a pull in one of the hotels in the area.


With my intuition, I walked towards the hotel and entered the lobby. Immediately, I felt someone watching me. I looked to the left and there seated two people: a beautiful woman with short blonde hair and long limbs; and a man with also blonde hair and more beautiful than the woman. A laptop was in front of the man and even if his eyes were on me, his fingers didn’t stop their movement.

The woman whispered something to the man and nodded. I walked towards them, casually pulling my glasses upwards and positioning it on the top of my head.

“I take it you are waiting for me…” I said as I reached their table.

“Noir Valentine, Scion of Kalfu, I presume?” the man said. His fingers stopped and turn the laptop towards me. My picture was on the screen along with the name of my father. Additional info was also included as well to ensure that I was the right person. I only nodded my head in response and sat beside the woman.

“And may I know the names of the fellow scions I am with?” I asked and smiled at the woman beside me.

“I’m Melanie, Scion of Baldur…” the woman said with her heavy Norse accent. “…and this is Dean, the Scion of Thoth.”

“Am I the only one missing?”

“No, we lack two other scions.” Dean said. My eyes roam around the vicinity but I did not feel any presence of other scions. “Don’t tell me you didn’t know the primer…”

“What primer?” I asked. Melanie’s face contorted, forcing her laughter down. Dean’s face changed from surprise to despair, whispering something under his breath.

“He’s probably asking his father if that is his greater purpose in life,” Melanie supplied my silent inquiry. I smiled at the handsome pair and thinking if they are indeed a couple. “I don’t know about you but I’m famished. Dean, call the waiter and have him set up a table in the lobby for us.” Melanie said and with a wave of Dean’s hand, a waiter appeared beside our table.

Two additional waiters come by and replaced the small coffee table with a dining table, complete with utensils and plates. A red wine in a bucket of ice was also placed as our beverage. Melanie and I decided to order steaks, medium rare, while Dean just asked for a glass of water. In no time, we were busy eating our dinner as we wait for the others.

“3… 2… 1…” he muttered and pointed at the door of the hotel. We then saw two women, dressed in business attire come in. Melanie scrunched her nose as the two women finally noticed our stares.

“Sorry we took so long, we were performing a business transaction,” one of them said. “I’m Reiko and this is Kirielle.”

“Ah the Scion of Hades and Susano-o, it’s nice for you to join our group.” Dean said.

“I don’t like her.” Melanie said, pointing to Reiko, the Scion of Hades. I agree with her, there’s something wrong with Reiko, and not to mention she was sired by Hades, the god of death. Hades and the word traitor go hand-in-hand and there might be a chance that Reiko would turn her back once a mission is finished. It might be a good idea to watch my back with her, better safe than sorry. After our introductions, Dean then told them about the primer, which they don’t know anything about it and Dean kept muttering about his purpose in life.

“If you’re finished, we should probably go to our suite,” the only male scion said, closing his laptop. That’s the only second time I saw him not playing with his “toy”.

“What suite?” Kirielle asked and Dean just smiled. He then explained to us that his father booked us the presidential suite for our headquarters. He was waiting for the others before he began exploring the room.

The manager of the hotel ushered us towards the elevator and pressed the floor of our suite, apparently, it was the penthouse. The penthouse of the hotel is directly connected to the elevator wherein when the elevator doors open; we are practically inside the room. There is a special key needed in order to press the floor for the room and only Dean and the manager has the only keys.

As the elevator doors opened, my eyes widen in awe as I saw the technology before me. Six 21” monitor hang from the ceiling, their smooth glass reflects us as we walk towards them. Each monitor has a name of a god written on it. An extra monitor captured my eye, as the name “Xipe Totec” is inscribed and yet I don’t remember hearing from the other scions that they are the daughter / son of Xipe Totec.

My vision traveled from the monitors to the single laptop is present in the center of the room. Dean was already there opening the laptop and surveying the specifications. He has this smile that reminds me of a child opening a presents for Christmas. In an instant, the monitors came to life and each monitor revealed our fathers.

In the fourth screen, Kalfu stared at me with his knowing grin. Surprisingly, I smiled back, feeling for the first time that I was a part of a family, even if it’s dysfunctional. Out of the blue, I saw Reiko shouting at her father, it was Hades wasn’t it? Thoth was beaming at his son, as Dean tried to do everything that he can on the laptop, his fingers were like a blur as he typed and typed every command on the screen.

“But father, what do you want us to do here?” I heard Melanie said in front of his father, Baldur.

“We need you to find and kill the centaurs, not the ordinary ones, mind you. These creatures are created by Ixion, a powerful Scion who is corrupted by the Titans…” I gasped as I heard our first mission. Baldur’s face was serious as he explained to Melanie and hopefully understood by the others.

“The centaurs are within your range…” Thoth continued, “…My Dean will be able to find them once they show themselves. Good Luck.”

“And you will know what your powers will do if the time comes…” Kalfu said, with that tone of finality, and all of them had said their goodbyes and the screen darkened.

“They were last sighted on the highway nearest from here.” Dean said and opened the map to indicate where we are. He then marked our hotel and the nearest highway where we can scout.

Looking out of the window, darkness had already approached us which might mean lack of visibility even if we scout as a group. The moon casually peeked through the clouds from the sky and something clicked inside my head. Remembering something that Kalfu said when he briefed me of what he needed of me: These dark glasses will ensure that the Darkness and the Moon is close by…


I pulled down my dark glasses and looked at the moon, concentrating on the centaurs then with a sudden burst of power, my vision changed from the moon to the sight from the skies. The twinkling lights of city streets and buildings were breathtaking, but something was off. On the northern side of my eyesight, an orange light caught my attention and it wasn’t as steady as the electrical lights in the city. Zooming in, like a firefly adoring the glow of the lamp, I finally see what was happening.

A town was burning, smoke had clouded some of the vision but I can see carcasses of mortals, male and female alike. In the center of the town, where flames had yet visited, I saw five centaurs, each holding mortal women in their arms. Their screams can be heard from where I am as the centaurs tried to mate with them. Concentrating on the creatures bodies and looking for a weak spot, I noticed that their bodies were made of metal. Harley-Davidson was engraved on their left side, branding where they were made of.

All of the sudden, I was pulled back from the vision and back to looking at the moon from above. I turned my head and saw Kirielle looking also at the moon with her curious face. She changed her outfit so that the tattoo on her back was partly seen by the cut of her shirt, the dragon’s head peeking from her chest and continued towards her back.

“I don’t see anything.” She said and I remembered what I saw from my vision. The screaming women, the fire and the centaurs made of metal.

“I saw them!” I exclaimed, “They are in a village north from here. They had burned the village and are trying to mate with several mortal women.”

Before I even finished my sentence, Dean already is searching the nearest village to the north of the hotel. From the satellite, he zoomed in on the village and saw the vision I saw, not as detailed however.

“Let’s go then!” Kirielle shouted and ran towards Dean, grabbing his arm in the process. “You are coming with me!” I stifled a laugh as Dean’s face changed from surprise to sickening green. I turned to Melanie where she dangled a set of keys to her automobile.

“Give me the coordinates and I’ll load it to the GPS of my car. You and Kirielle ride together in her motorcycle to the scene. If you get there first, don’t engage in battle and wait for us.” Melanie said, her eyes glittered in anticipation of a fight. Reaching for my bag that contained my weapon, I grabbed the dagger and tucked it behind me, cradled by the belt that I was wearing.

Several minutes later, we found ourselves near to the destination. Everything was dark and the only thing that lit our way is the headlights of Melanie’s car and the moon that guiding us. Melanie sped through it as we were driving on a cemented highway, while Reiko sat on the back loading her handguns. A humming sound interrupted our silence and Reiko grabbed her cellular phone from the pocket of her pants.

“Hello… What? Shit! Stop the car Melanie!” Reiko shouted and Melanie instantly stepped on the brakes.

“What has happe—“

“They’re coming, Kirielle and Dean are on their way back, and the centaurs are chasing them!” Reiko said, looking at the darkness in front of us. I looked as well and saw lights are coming towards us, I knew that one of the lights is from Kirielle’s motorcycle. It was then I grabbed my bag and mounted my rifle on the dashboard. Looking at the telescopic sight, I looked at what is happening.

“They’re coming fast.” I said and shot one of the centaurs in the chest; it staggered a bit but still gave chase to Kirielle and Dean. Kirielle maneuvered herself so that they were face to face in the bike; Dean was controlling it and the scion of Susano-o shooting at the enemies. Unfortunately, most of her shots were not even penetrating the centaurs’ armor.

I took another shot and this time missing Kirielle’s head by a mere millimeter, successfully shooting the enemy on its stomach. It wasn’t even fazed as it still gave chase. They were so close and so fast, the others on the motorcycle already missed us, and the centaurs saw the next target was our group.

Melanie jumped outside of her car and grinned as the centaur moving in towards her. Reiko followed her suit as I saw the way the centaurs’ body contorted to change in their natural form. Their wheels changed into legs, all silver and machine. Using them, it jumped in the air, aiming at Melanie’s form. While on the air, one of its arms changed into a chainsaw, its noise echoed in the deserted place. A couple more centaurs arrived, one in front of the car, grinning at me who was still inside. Before he could do anything, I jumped out of the car and unsheathe the dagger.

A shot was heard, and I saw Dean shooting one of the centaurs who had stopped before him and Kirielle. Looking back to the centaur that was attacking Melanie, Reiko jumped up and shooting two shots on the centaurs head. Much to my amazement, the thing didn’t even moved from its parrying position as Melanie was ready to strike with her big Axe.

I shook the chicken bone that hang on my neck and the big bull appeared in front of me, its eyes were as red as the last time I saw it and blood was still dripping from its elongated horns. Shouting the order to kill the centaur that was fighting us, it turned around and obeyed. By now, the centaur was on the hood of Melanie’s car fighting with Reiko.

“Easy with my car, you bitch!” I heard Melanie screamed as the squeaking of metal was heard, indicating that the hood of the car is damaged. Sizing the centaur, the bull charged towards the car, its horns hooked on the car’s right side doors and with a nod of its head turn the car on its left side. Glass shattered as the car dropped to ground; the centaur easily dodged the horns and jumped. Reiko copied the centaur’s action, landing on the side of the car and still facing the centaur. Melanie screamed as she witnessed her car’s demise and shouted strings of curses in foreign language.

“I’ll buy you another one!” I shouted and ran towards the bull. The centaur is still concentrated on fighting Reiko when I jumped from the bulls back. Drawing the dagger that was nestled on my belt, I slashed the centaur and rewarding me with its scream. I land on the ground and moved towards my creature before the centaur’s next attack.

As if we were fighting while reading each others minds, Melanie jumped from the ground, swinging her big ax with a downward slash towards the centaur. The centaur in turn jumped out of the way and landed on the ground on the other side of the destroyed vehicle and Reiko followed it to continue their fight. The ax sliced horizontally through the car as if it was made in paper.

The bull noticed the movement and saw an opening towards the enemy. Melanie saw my creature’s maniacal eyes and immediately removed the ax from the car and jumped away. It charged towards the enemy, trampling the car in the process and disturbing the dust that was on the ground. As the dust settled once again, the centaur dodged its attack by sidestepping. The vehicle was flattened like a pancake and the only telltale sign that the vehicle was there is my rifle that is untouched.

“My car!” Melanie shouted.

Another shout was heard and I looked to where Dean and Kirielle are fighting. The body of the centaur lay on the ground, unmoving. The other centaur that saw everything backed away, transforming back to its motorcycle shape and ran back to the burning town.

“You’re not going to run away that easily!” Kirielle shouted and the tattoo from her body removed itself and took flight. The dragon sped through the air and attempted to grab the retreating centaur. Flying from the skies, it positioned itself above its target and dive with its claws extended for additional damage. Unfortunately, the dragon missed and instead, plunged on the rocky ground below.

“Grab it, you stupid dragon!” I heard Kirielle shout. Dean on the other hand stared at the centaur ready to strike the bull with the chainsaw.

“You are no match to us,” the Scion of Thoth said and glowed as compulsion was thickly induced through his voice. The centaur saw his fallen comrade and cowered before Reiko, mumbling about his life. With a smirk, Reiko pointed the gun to the centaur’s forehead. The centaur widens its eyes and before the bullet even hit the creature’s head, he moved backwards causing the bullet to shoot to the ground.

“Why the hell did you shoot it?!” Dean shouted at Reiko. The others including Reiko jumped away from the enemy as he stood up and glared at the group. As Reiko glared back at the centaur, she grabbed one of her guns and shot the floor and created a small crater. From it a smoke emerged and cleared to give way to a minotaur.

“You can have him.” Reiko murmured.

That was my cue and running towards the centaur, I jumped and slashed its back. After which, Melanie swung her giant axe and successfully decapitated its head, killing it in the process. The minotaur saw the exchanged and cried to Reiko in Greek but waved her hand, dismissing the frantic creature. In retaliation to being snob by its master, the minotaur grabbed the dead centaurs torso and began humping it. The creature’s face was full of ecstasy as it successfully entered it, drooling as its hips thrust fully in and out the lifeless body.

I pitied the lifeless body and turned away from the scene and looked at the other scions who are immediately grabbing loot from the fallen enemy.



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