Jurassic World: A Movie Review

Money is the answer to everything and what John Hammond wanted in the Jurassic Park movie is not realized in the new movie called Jurassic World.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Jurassic_WorldJurassic World is the sequel of an old and awesome movie called Jurassic Park, and disregards that part 2 and 3 of the said franchise.

In the movie, it has been 22 years after the first movie and Simon Misrani (probably) bought the park and managed to make it a full functioning amusement park called Jurassic World. Like any amusement parks, the highlight of the Jurassic World is the dinosaurs that are co-existing with the humans and it is more of a zoo, not a park. As the company wants maintain the profitability of the park, they have decided to create a new species of dinosaur called Indominus Rex.

The Indominus Rex is a mixture of several animal genes, with a base gene of a T-Rex that can camouflage, hid itself from the infrared scans and is intelligent enough to fool humans into letting it out accidentally.

The movie runs for a little more than two hours and it really packs a punch. The movie scenes is a clever mix of action, suspense and a bit of comedy that makes the whole movie, despite pretty long — quite entertaining.

Special effects are not that noticeable, mainly because you are too consumed in the whole story that you might miss a few mishaps here and there (if there are any).

Expect waterworks!
Expect waterworks!

There are also a lot of easter eggs that connects the first movie to the recent one, like the T-Rex that defeated the Indominus Rex is the same one with the first movie. The room where the raptors fought the T-Rex appears in the movie, already dillapidated as no on is really using it. Even Mr. DNA made its appearance, albeit briefly to explain how the dinosaurs are created.

Now, the anticipation of the next sequel is pretty high considering there are still embryos that are with the head of the laboratories and the animals in the island are still alive when they evacuated it. But one would wonder if they will still use the same island or it will be a different one altogether.


Overall, the movie is pretty much copied the formula of the first one, which really tickles everyones nostalgia factor. However, it can backfire if they created a sequel within a couple of years, as people tend to get sick off the same thing over and over again. This movie is a much watch and should be watched over and over again if you want to analyze more on the interactions of each characters with each other and the dinosaurs in the park.



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