Saints Row – The Third: A Game Review

Are you ready to party?!

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Saints Row The ThirdSaints Row – The Third is an open world action-adventure game developed by Volition. In there, you get to play a character from a well-known gangster group of Saints Row and they are pretty famous enough to get a lot of fans — despite the notoriety.

The game starts with a bank robbery and the robbers consists of the main cast of the Saints with over sized mascot head as a disguise. Everything went awry and you end up with one less comrade and a revenge plot. Now it’s the task of the gang to reclaim the control of the city and purge the other gangs who opposes them.

A reminiscence of Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row enables you to beat up unsuspecting civilians when you feel like it, carjack a car for your personal goals and battle with the military for the weapons you need.

There are consequences of course, with doing the above deeds. This includes fighting the police and the rival gangs for the city controls.

The story itself is absurd and funny that mashes up several games and movie genres that leaves you wanting more, however pretty short and the rest are full of side quests like assassinations and deliveries from point A to point B.

Meet the team! (From L to R: Pierce, Johnny Gat, The Boss, Shandi, Angel)
Meet the team! (From L to R: Pierce, Johnny Gat, The Boss, Shandi, Angel)

The game play is moderately hard as each button in the controller performs a different task. There are a lot of customizations that a player can do to the character, from the characters facial characteristics, to hair color and tattoos. You can also customized the cars that you can steal by modifying from its hood to the decals and tire tracks.

The items sold and used in-game are sparse and majority of the stores repeat the same items that are sold everywhere, which is a little disappointing. Even the tattoo parlors carry the same types of tattoos that you might want to visit the store once and never visit it again.

Customization galore!
Customization galore!

The graphics are pretty intense, which means that it only censor the nudity but the gore and blood is still very visible. With that, this caters to the older gamers and not for kids. The sounds compliment the actions that are performed by the characters and the radios in the cars are pretty nifty as it presents a wild array of music that the players would like.

Overall, the game might bore most of the hardcore gamers out there as the story itself is pretty short. The graphics and the mashed up scenes from other games/movies are a big plus as it will make you laugh at the absurdity of it all.



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