Adventure M – Prologue

This is a story of a Dungeons and Dragons game in the office that I hosted. All of the players in the game are first-timers in the table top RPG world and most of the time, I was being lenient to them. This is the POV of a scribbler with them who neither participates, nor suggest anything in the adventure they are in.

Prologue -The Cave of Wishes

They are almost official adventurers! They have completed all the tasks required of them by their lecturers and now only one quest is blocking their way to becoming full-fledged adventurers. The task requires them to enter the Cave of Wishes and come out alive. Easy enough, don’t you agree?

They are a group of individuals which the only common thing that they have is that they ave completed their studies at the same time. However, as much as they know each other’s face, all familiarity ends there.

Who are they, you ask?

Spyro, the Barbarian who seemed to be keen in being human-looking all the time, is a lizard race of descent called Draco. Most of the time, their features are disguised by their shape-shifting abilities and there is doubt that the everyone of the group knows who or what he really is.

And there is the Dwarf called Ivan, that chose to be a cavalier of profession. He wields the mightiest battleaxe in the group — mainly because that’s the only high-grade weapon he can afford, and heavily armored to be the brute strength of the team.

Let us not forget the high-strung Cleric Leigh who seemed to be always fussing the minor details of every mission provided to them. He is the sole healer of the group and the noisiest, continuously nagging everyone to be in their best behavior when they enter the vicinity.

There are only two elves in the group, the cleric and the thief called Iche. He is a selfish individual who would not listen to anyone but his own carnal desire to survive and take for himself. Time will tell if he really is team player, or not.

The last, but certainly not the least, the human wizard named Jay Em, who is powerful enough to command the forces of nature, but brittle enough to be killed by a single blow.

As they walk to the cave entrance, they had this nagging feeling of being watched, but dismissed it as it didn’t emit anything dangerous. Upon entering the cave, a heavy stone wall immediately falls down, blocking the only exit they know and the source of light. Using the tunnel entrance as guide, they all reached the a large room.

“Now what?” Iche asked and suddenly grateful of his racial characteristics of seeing several feet before him. Using one of the torches in his backpack, he lit it up to and was able to decipher that the room is in a shape of a circle. Everywhere he looked, the they are surrounded by stones and the only exit is the tunnel where they came from.

“We need to try to search for an exit,” the wizard said and started searching the stone walls. The other adventurers followed suit, using mostly their hands in trying to see if there are hidden panels or doors.

“I think I found something,” the thief remarked and found a hidden door that is too hard to see unless you recognize the grooves it makes. It was also that same time when the torch light went out, signaling them that it has been an hour already since their entrance to the cave.

“I’ll light a new one while you try to figure out how to open the door”, the Jay-Em says, already getting his flint and steel to use as the lighting source.

While the thief was determining how the door works, Leigh decided to try and use brute strength to open it. Swinging his Warhammer towards the secret door and missed. Yes, he missed and instead of hitting the door, he managed to hit himself right on the face and managed to stars. Of course, everyone laughed and managed to calm down after seeing that the door opened by itself.

They were temporarily blinded by the light inside the new room they have uncovered. After which, they saw a massive sleeping dragon in front of them, seemingly guarding the treasures behind it. Beyond it is a door with a lighted sign of ‘EXIT’ installed above it.

“I guess we need to go there.” Spyro said and started to walk its way to the door. Everyone followed suit except the cleric who wanted to heal both himself and Jay-Em in case the Dragon wakes up.

“Wow, this is an awesome plate! I can see my awesomeness!” Iche said while glamoured. As he was setting it down, it slipped, causing a major ruckus and waking up the dragon from its slumber. Everyone glared at the thief who just smiled and started to go where the door is.

“I hate you Iche!” Leigh said as the dragon attacks him first, as he was in front of it. After a few tense moments, they all finally got themselves out of the cave.

“NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!” Spyro remarked at Iche’s stupid act. Iche just shrugged and laughed, saying that it is in his thief’s nature to admire beautiful things.



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