Parasyte Episode 12 Review

Oh, god, seriously Kana?!

Warning: Spoilers ahead!


It’s the condensed version of Kana’s dream again and it’s irritating to no end. Can’t she accept that there’s no happy ending with what she’s dreaming?

Meanwhile, in Shinichi’s room, Migi was amazed at there are different kinds of parasites and was surprised that they have a firmer grasp of human’s psychology.

I don't believe you.
I don’t believe you.

As they went to the town where the parasite is running for mayor is in, to survey how many of them is in the vicinity, Kana appears again in front of him. While talking, Mitsuo appears, acting all jealous again with Kana and Shinichi’s meetings. Take her Mitsuo, take her away. Shinichi can do away with her. –;

Returning to his house, Shinichi was threaten by Migi by killing the Kana if Shinich decides to tell her about his hand, I fully support the killing Migi, just kill her already.

Kana, as stupid as ever despite Shinichi’s warning, felt something again and decided to check if it was Shinichi. If course it wasn’t and she hastily ran away from the area.

The next day, Shinichi meets up with Kana while Migi is asleep, and told her about the parasite living in his right hand. Of course Kana doesn’t believe it as Migi is asleep and delusional enough to believe that he will confessing his love for her. She also lied to him saying that she can separate what she feels for Shinichi and with the parasites and boasting that she is the only one in the world who can do it. Such arrogance, this girl! Gar.

Remember the parasite who ran for mayor? He was successfully elected and now Shinichi is worried that he will use his power to provide food for the other parasites in secrecy.

You are nothing to Shinichi, Kana.
You are nothing to Shinichi, Kana.

While walking with Satomi, they passed by Kana as if she was nothing and Kana still is delusional to think that Shinichi and her is connected by fate. When will Kana get that Shinichi is just helping her because he’s a nice guy. He doesn’t care about her the same way as he cares about Satomi. But in reality, the one who sensed her is Migi and he saw her looking at them from afar.

Migi informed Shinichi that Kana indeed sends out signals when she’s concentrating and the parasites would be able to sense it. Shinichi also comes out clean to Migi that he had indeed told her about them. Migi agreed to show itself to Kana and Shinichi promised that he will protect Migi if Kana tattled.

So they decided to meet again the next day and Kana, stupid as ever, decides to leave without her phone, and wants to prove that she can detect Shinichi alone. Of course, she detected something but it was another parasite and Shinichi got there too late.

THANK GOD SHE FINALLY DIED. She was stupid in this self-entitlement thing that Shinichi should be able to notice her because she’s like this and like that. Please. It’s irritating and pathetic to see a girl pushing herself to a guy that is already taken.


In Kana’s funeral, it was revealed that Shinichi was questioned by the authorities because he’s the one that found the body first. Shinichi feels responsible for Kana’s death but Migi refutes that as it was only a matter of time before the parasites get to her. Mitsuo had a breakdown and decided to punish Shinichi for not saving Kana that day. and Shinichi decides to fight back but walks away after Mitsuo falls down.

Shinichi thinks that he is not human and admitted to Mitsuo after his retaliation. He can’t shed a tear still and decides to pound his head to a tree to see if his blood is still red.

So the question is, what now?



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