San Andreas: A Movie Review

Non-stop action packed adventure of a family who just wants to stay together despite a looming disaster of worldwide destruction.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

sa-01Now, you might be curious about what San Andreas is. San Andreas is a fault line running across the the California state. It’s serves as borderline between the Pacific and North American tectonic plate.

The disaster (porn) movie stars Dwayne Johnson, where he plays as a Los Angeles Fire Department helicopter-rescue pilot. His wife has filed for a divorce and will be moving in her then boyfriend with their daughter in tow. There seems to be no bad blood between them and he has accepted the fact that his soon-to-be ex-wife is moving on without him.

Enter the massive 9.7 earthquake in the mix, and the protagonist is trying to collect his family one by one. The boyfriend is a major douche bag that left the daughter trapped inside a car in a basement parking. Fortunately, the incoming cargo boat dropped a container on his head due to a tsunami and died at once.

The daughter got out though, because the movie let her meet a couple of English brothers and eventually were the ones who got her out of the car. Together, they tried to contact the girls parents and avoid the massive tsunami that is heading straight for the city. She managed to drown for a while and resuscitated back to the living by his father who doesn’t want to give up on her like he did to her already dead

The movie in itself is pretty straight forward and somewhat predictable — it explained why the family is breaking up and shows a parent’s determination in finding their child despite the global disasters. The special effects are somewhat spotty as there are scenes that are not fluid enough and it is noticeable that what is happening are special effects.

Watching it in 4DX makes me want to rethink if we are really watching a movie or riding a roller coaster as the scenes are intense. But it might have been enjoyable because of the 4DX experience that watching it in 2D/3D will leave you bored.

All in the all, the movie might not be as enjoyable if you are watching it in 2D/3D alone. For full experience, it is better to watch it in 4DX to maximize the enjoyment quality of the movie. The story is simple enough and predictable but you will be amazed at the resourcefulness of humans in trying to survive and the the power of mother nature when



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