Goodbye, my Friend

Learning the hard way of becoming friends of incredibly diverse people is hard as climbing Mt. Everest. There are friends who would like to join in the fun and not let their upbringing bring in the negativity of all the people in the room. There are friends who seemed alright from the outside but festering the rotting desire to be angry at everyone. There are also friends who you think that everything is fine between the two of you but for a while, the anger is brought up again and you can’t help but feel the anger that was buried long ago.

Today, I say goodbye to a friend who seemed to be alright, but dredges up the past over and over again. It hurts every time you are reminded of your mistakes and issues. The burden will be heavier and heavier by the minute. Eventually, no one will be able to share the burden that you are carrying as you already have successfully pushed them away.

I did try to understand. I swallowed my pride. I did try everything. And yet, its not enough and you don’t care for the friendship enough. You only care about yourself and your problems and your burdens — that you don’t see the burdens of others. We do laugh outside, but most of the times we cry inside as well.

I say goodbye to you my friend, and I wish you good luck. I do hope that time will come that you will realize that you are alone and no help will come to you when you need it the most.



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