Parasyte Episode 11 Review

Progressing the relationship! /waggle eyebrows

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

I mean, seriously? WTF Kana?!
I mean, seriously? WTF Kana?!

So the episodes starts with two drunk officemates hanging out in an empty park and the girl thought that it was the perfect time to reveal her feelings to the guy. She also demonstrated the fad that has been going on, which is pulling someone’s else’s hair and the hair that she pulled fizzled out. Yes, the girl died that night.

Meanwhile Kana is having this weird dream about Shinichi being her knight in shining armor and still stuck in the belief that he is her soul mate just because she can sense him when nearby. She noticed Hide too, why didn’t she jumped for joy then? Maybe she’s stupid enough to think that there are two soul mates for her — whoop-de-doo.

At least Satomi knows Shinichi!
At least Satomi knows Shinichi!

Of course, Kana did her stalker moments and waited for Shinichi to appear. Stupidly, she tried to pull one of his hair but was stopped by Shinichi mid-way. Can’t she ask for permission first? How rude.

Kana still goes on and on about him being a good person and not believing whatever he says. In anger, Shinichi warned her when she tried to joke around pulling someone’s hair when she feels something like the way she feels with Shinichi.

In another side of town, a parasite was dropped off by a Yakuza building and started a murdering spree. It killed all the Yakuza inside and revealed that it was a experiment to see if a parasite can withstand a mob of humans trying to kill them with weapons. Exiting the building, several onlookers tried to follow it but failed and just called the police to the scene.

At least the episode is not all about gore and murders. It shows that Satomi and Shinichi going on a movie date but it was spoiled a little when Satomi tried to inquire Shinichi about his father’s well-being.

Killing spree!
Killing spree!

But the best thing about the date is the they finally kissed! Yes, kissed. AND KANA SAW IT! TAKE THAT B****! YOU ARE NOTHING TO HIM! MAKE SURE YOU REMEMBER THAT IN YOUR TINY BRAIN OF YOURS!

Scolding herself, she calls Shinichi up to meet with him the following day. Unfortunately, while Shinichi was waiting for her, Migi noticed that there are several parasites in the vicinity. It was then he noticed that a parasite is running for office and was proclaiming what he wants to do in the city.

And apparently, Kana lives in the area too. Bleh.

Kana should just die, like in the next episode. Her powers are liability and since Migi doesn’t think of her as an ally, it would be best to just kill her while early in the season. The reason Kana is not likeable is because of her trying to delude herself into thinking that she loves Shinichi without really knowing him. This was proven true when Satomi asked her if Shinichi did changed and Kana still wore her rose-tinted glasses and think that she has a chance with Shinichi.

Haha. Sorry Kana. Shinichi doesn't like you. :P
Haha. Sorry Kana. Shinichi doesn’t like you. 😛

It is curious that the parasites are really try to blend in the human race that it will run for office. What do they want to accomplish by getting a place in the government? Maybe they are planning to infiltrate and spy on the people who are trying to eliminate them in the world. For now, the cabinet is full of humans and are consistently trying to find ways to eliminate them without causing public panic.



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