Parasyte Episode 10 Review

Another fight in the school. Don’t the authorities see the pattern already?

Warning: Spoilers ahead!


The episodes starts with Shinichi walking out of class as Migi warned him about Hide’s aggressive signal. He had deduced that it might concern also with Yuko as she wasn’t present in the class as well.

Going back to the Fine Arts room, Hide finally shown his true colors to Yuko and as usual, she reacted in shock. Hide asked her not to move as it would be more painful if she struggled and fight the death that is coming for her. Fortunately, she stumbled and the bottle of acid drops besides her and she remembered that she can use it as a weapon. Throwing the bottle to Hide’s transformed face, he cut the bottle right above his head and all the content spilled right inside his parasite face.

Hide in Forever Attack Mode!
Hide in Forever Attack Mode!

In panic, Yuko climbed out of the window and jumped. It was fortunate that a tree stopped her fall and she still lived to see another day. A class was currently using the field and noted about the scene and with a teacher, checked the class room where she jumped from. It was a bad move as Hide greeted them and killed them automatically. His form is now stuck in attack mode due to the injuries that he sustained.

With the advise of Migi, Shinichi knew that Hide already killed people but they don’t know where they are exactly located. Getting stuck with the other students walking out of the school, Shinchi had no choice to follow all of them. However, noticing that Satomi’s class isn’t with the students outside, Shinchi climbed in the school again and made an effort to look for her. It would probably guilt because the last time they had talked, their exchange is not that pleasant.

Arriving to the third floor, Shinichi was greeted with several cut up bodies that he lost it. He did managed to calm down after a while and started to look for Satomi and ultimately finding her with a couple more classmates. As Hide approached them, Shinichi had no choice than to carry Satomi and jumping from the third floor window. They escaped by jumping a fence that separates the school from the actual street.

He wasn’t able to enter the school to kill Hide and despite the arrival of the police, they weren’t able to kill Hide as he hasn’t succumb with the gun wounds.

Satomi: NO IT IS NOT OK!
Satomi: NO IT IS NOT OK!

Coming up with a plan, they climb on the a building outside the thirty meter radius and with a rock, threw it so that it passes thru Hide’s chest, crushing his heart. Before he died, he sees Shinichi where the rock came from.

As the news circulate, it was announced that Hide was a drug addict and falsify all of his records. Shinchi wanted to kill all the parasites by helping the police but Migi had reminded him that he is human — that in event that Shinichi is forced to kill, he will suffer psychologial effects.

Meanwhile in a meeting room, a group of leaders are meeting about the problems they are facing in trying to determine who are the parasites and who are human. Upon explanation of the scientist with them, they come up with a solution to identify if the person with them are parasite or not. It was easily solved by pulling each other’s hair which had became a fad of sorts in the country.

The new fad: Pulling each others hair!
The new fad: Pulling each others hair!

Shinichi walks with Satomi to school and he had made an excuse about his somewhat super power. It seems that he doesn’t want Satomi to know about what happened to him but I do hope that she will eventually find out and still accept Shinichi for who he is.

Now, what will happened if someone pulled a hair and found out that it was a parasite? It didn’t say and maybe there will be additional explanation in the next episodes. And what will Reiko do now that Hide is out of the picture and can’t do the surveillance that she is requesting? Who knows? Maybe she will the surveillance herself.



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