Parasyte Episode 9 Review

Someone knows what Hide is hiding! What would happen to that person?

Let’s find out shall we?

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Someone is following me!
Someone is following me!

The episode starts by Kana feeling Hide behind her. Scared, she began to ran away but was stopped by Mitsuo. Now, Mitsuo seems to have the hots for Kana that he acted like to tough guy and chalenged Hide to a battle. Who do you think won there? Yes, Hide won, but at least he’s not yet dead, just beaten up.

A flashback curently reflects Shinichi’s relationship with Satomi and giving a little background on how they met. At the background, Hide is hiding and trying to figure out why Migi’s signal is weak at the moment. As an experiment, he sent a hostile signal and noted that neither Shinichi nor Migi responded to him.

Drawing Hide is embarrassing.
Drawing Hide is embarrassing.

Meanwhile in the classroom, Yoko was being teased by their friend Akiho about drawing Hide’s face. Ah, it seemed that Yuko has a little crush on Hide, good luck with that, She then wondered about Akiho’s remarked about Hide’s face — if it was fake or not.

As Shinichi arrived home, he was surprised that his father was talking to a group of people who seemed to be part of the government. One of them even sketched out what his father saw when his mother died.

When the group of people left, Shinichi’s father finally told him about what he experienced and confirming that his mother dead. Well, it’s not as if he doesn’t know, right?

Remember Reiko-sensei? Well, she’s talking to an unknown person who will probably be introduced in a couple of episodes in the future. Reiko asked what his purpose in life, in which she finally got the answer — to eradicate the human kind as they are becoming a poison to the world. Are they sent by God or what?

The scene then shifted to a TV show and it was a coincidence that the sketcher what was talking to Shinichi’s father is Yuko’s older brother. Now that their talent runs in the family. Yuko asked her brother for comment about Hide’s face as what Akiho remarked still bothered her. Her brother noted that it would be better to observe the person she was wondering about.

Fighting with the leader.
Fighting with the leader.

Well, the opportunity arises when Yuko saw Hide waiting by the bushes at the side of their building. A stray baseball ball smacked on Hide’s head, making a large dent but when asked if he was OK, he had remarked that nothing was wrong. By this time, Yuko was hiding by the stairs, still not believing what she had saw.

Shinichi tries to make peace with Satomi for the nth time, unfortunately, it was cut short by a warning by Migi that Mitsuo and his group is threatening Hide. Such a stupid thing to do, right?

Rushing to where the fight is going to be held, Shinichi did the impossible and jumped a three meter wall to stop the fight before it even started. All of them were surprised but Shinichi has only one thing in his mind, to save the humans that who tried to pick a fight with the parasite.

Shinichi then addressed the leader of the group — which is not Mitsuo, to go home. Of course, with a little scare tactic, the group went home without a hitch.

Going back to school, Satomi was waiting by the gate with his bag. Another talk with Satomi, ended up with nothing, they still not patched up. Satomi was going on and on about him changing. Shinichi should just tell her the truth, but my guess is that Shinichi is worried that the other parasites might target her as she already have the knowledge.

Hello there, my prey!
Hello there, my prey!

Still investigation about Hide, Yuko followed him around, noticing that he changed his clothes and his face — which finally got her answer that Hide’s face is fake. Consulting with his brother, he finally told him about the investigation they are doing. Isn’t it supposed to be secret?!

Well, Yuko then devised a plan to find out if what her brother is saying is true before she outs Hide. She then called Hide in between classes to confront him about it and find out she did. Hide’s face contorted to the monster’s face that we all know and love.

Now, will Yuko die or her plan will work out and she gets out alive? That would be for the next episode.



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