Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward: A Game Review

Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward is the sequel and closely tied to the famous DS game called 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. With the basic rules still in place, the game has taken the story on a whole new level.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

3DS Box Art
3DS Box Art

The game starts with the lead protagonist named Sigma wakes up in a room with a girl huddled in one corner. The girl’s name is Phi and they are obviously trapped in the room with nowhere out except if they solved the puzzle of the room.

Sounds familiar?

Yes, it’s the same format as its predecessor, and the characters are still playing the Nonary game, but with a twist. The rules of the game are as follows:

  1. Each character has a bracelet which corresponds if they are playing as a Solo or as a Team. It also corresponds to a number which can be translated as their bracelet points or BP. The only way for the bracelet to open is either their heart stops beating or if they have escaped.
  2. To open the chromatic doors, they need to combine specific colors. The only way to get out of the room they are in is to solve the puzzle inside it.
  3. After the puzzle is completed, the players can then open the Ambidex Rooms located in the are they have started. Opening it will signal that the Ambidex voting system will now start.
  4. The Ambidex Game allows players to vote if the person that they are playing with in the room is an ally or a betrayer. Based on the results of the votes, it will determine if their BP on their bracelets will increase or decrease. Once the BP decreased to zero or below, the player will then die.
  5. In order to escape, players with nine BP can pull the exit lever and the gate will open for approximately nine seconds before it closes forever.

Sounds tricky right?

Nonary Game, here we come!
Nonary Game, here we come!

Eventually, Sigma will learn that he and Phi have an ability to jump through timelines and gain the knowledge they need to escape. Their mission was to stop the global disaster from happening and save the world from the terrorist that calls themselves “Free the Soul”.

With all the timeline jumping involved, the story itself was full of twists and turns that a player may loose the story line if s/he does not pay full attention to all the explanations in the game. The game itself is a massive visual novel and really set the bar higher than its predecessor game.

The fight between Clover and Luna.
The fight between Clover and Luna.

The puzzle gets harder and harder by every scene but the biggest puzzle of all is the story as it has a way bigger twist that was anticipated by the players themselves.

The art and sounds is superb, really awesome job with being a visual novel. It was really awesome that they included the Japanese voices if the player wants to hear their them while reading the English subtitles.

Overall, the game is a great addition to the 3DS game lists at it challenges you to think outside the box as you solve puzzle after puzzle to escape the room and trying to figure out how the story line goes. Here’s hoping that the third and final sequel will get funding so that it can be released to the fans all over the world.


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