Parasyte Episode 8 Review

He is not the same Shinichi that anyone knows and yet, he still understand the gravity of what Migi did to him just to save his body.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!


The episode starts with Tamiya Ryoko, swollen with child, talking to another parasite while it is feeding. She had instructed him to watch Shinichi by transferring to his school.

Meanhile, while Kana was about to go home, she stopped by Mitsuo and noted that she was looking at Shinichi’s picture in her phone. This sparks jealousy from Mitsuo and went to Shinichi’s school to validate if he and Kana are together.

They both went to the same place their fight took place in the previous episode and threatened him if he won’t fess up. Mitsuo did not get the answer he was expecting and tried to beat Shinichi up. But due to the changes in Shinichi’s body, he can easily evade Mitsuo’s punches. The fight was interrupted by Satomi, supposedly rushing to his aid and was greeted by Mitsuo on his butt and Shinichi looking at him.

As they both went ahead, Satomi asked him again if he is really Shinchi — in wich Shinichi managed to retain some sort of humanity that Satomi recognizes. Kana was able to sense Shinichi as he passes by but did not engage in any conversation with him seeing him with Satomi.

Arriving home after their afternoon out, Shinichi sees his father drinking again and suggested that they get a housekeeper. He was worried about his father’s health and due to his almost nonexistent humanity, he is not trying to get a grip on what to do to help his father. This was also a conversation with him and Migi as he notes that he can’t cry anymore.

Why do you look so scary, Shinichi?
Why do you look so scary, Shinichi?

Practicing his skill while walking to school with Satomi, he had heard something crying for help and saw a puppy run over by a car. Shinichi let the puppy die in his arms with Satomi noting that she thought he changed but maybe she was imagining it. Well, she was correct and was appalled when Shinichi threw the puppy in the trash bin like a common garbage. Shinichi haven’t figured it out that the way he thinks is the same how Migi thinks. Little by little, his compassion and humanity is slowly disappears.

Upon arriving to school, Migi warned him of another parasite lurking in the school and plans on meeting him so that they can determine if it was an enemy or not. The other parasite introduced himself Shimada Hideo and luck has it, he is with the same class as Satomi.

While in Gym class, Hide tried to get in Shinichi’s good graces by informing him that he hasn’t warned a human being in his recent memory. Who would believe that, right?

Going back to the Kana, she was noting to herself that she has a special ability to sense her soul mate, that’s why she can sense Shinichi from afar. Is she stupid or what?

Kana planned on surprising Shinichi as she felt him but was surprised that she instead saw another person — and yes, it’s Hide. Well, there goes your idea, Kana. Unfortunately, Hide wanted to know why she mistakes him with Shinichi. Of course Shinichi appears to save the day and thwarted whatever Hide was planning to do with Kana.

It is also shown that Hide is indeed killing and feeding on humans. So it was a good thing that Shinichi doesn’t trust him one bit.

This episode explains that something is working behind the scenes and Tamiya Ryoko isn’t finished with Shinichi as she trues to understand what is he now. Is he a human or part of their species.

It's feeding time!
It’s feeding time!

Kana’s powers is not about sensing her soul mate, but sensing parasites around them. So she better stop trying to steal Shinichi away from Satomi. She’s a selfish person who only thinks that she’s special. So annoying.

But I wonder if Hide would understand about the power Kana has and if he will be able to relay it back to Ryoko. How about Shinichi’s weakness, will he be able to figure it out?



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