Beach Trip

Disclaimer: This story is based on our Pathfinder Card Adventure Game characters and a beach trip that was months in the making. Modified a lot of things to ensure that majority of the story will remain fiction. Additionally, we have an inside joke that Flenta is the child of Valeros out of wedlock. 

It all started when Flenta casually mentioned that she and her block-headed father were planning a beach trip. They don’t know where they are going but they don’t want summer to end without a trip to the beach. Upon seeing her the elder Sorcerrer, she decided to invite her and Harsk.

“Senpai, let’s go to the beach!” Flenta said in a jolly voice, complete with a cute puppy eyes, thinking that it will sway Seoni into doing her bidding.

Unfortunately, those antics don’t work on Seoni as she is used to kids who wants to evade punishments that they deserve. Her eyes narrowed into slits and her hands bursts into flames as she readies to throw the Scorching Ray to the arcane pretender halfling.

“Wait! No! Senpai, it’s a trip with me and pa- Valeros!” Flenta hastily backs away and took cover.

“I am not a beach person.”

What finality and anyone who were frozen solid with the reply would probably give up. But no, Flenta wasn’t frozen, she was stubborn and anyday now, she will wake up electrocuted by one of Seoni’s spells.

“BUT SENPAI! I want you to come!” Before Seoni can utter any reply, Harsk appeared out of nowhere.

“What is this trip?”, the old dwarf asked.

“It’s a beach trip, about three hours due North from here!” Flenta said, lively as ever.

“Let’s go! I want to check something there as well!” The hunter said and grinned at Seoni who was giving him evil eye. Unfortunately for her, she has a soft spot for the dwarf so she relented.

Planning Stages

Flenta seemed concerned about sending a lot of inquiries about possible beach place. Everyones busy schedule in killing ogres one step at the time prevented them in booking at once. As such, they were left with one week before the actual trip.

“It was mistake that I didn’t ask them to reserve it for us!” Flenta was panicking and trying to find a way get everything done.

“Must I do everything?” Seoni said and sent inquiries of her own.

Only three replies were received, and two of which are from the Southern area, not the Northern one as Harsk wanted. As such, they all happily accepted the resort and provided a downpayment.

“What are we doing again?” Valeros asked when he decided to join in the conversation.

“Papa! I told you it’s an overnight trip!” Flenta shouted at the fighter who seemed to be confused as to why the halfling is calling him ‘Papa’.

“Whatever. We meet in the Woods at 4AM in the morning with all the supplies. Harsk already rented a cart for us to use. It will be a 3 hour travel and I expect you two to be punctual.” Seoni said with finality and walked out of the Tavern.


Tapping her foot in irritation, the sorcerer was impatiently waiting for the other group to arrive.

“Seoni, calm down, it’s just 3:45 AM, they might be on their way.” Harsk said, sitting on the cart and breaking his fast with a slice of apple.

“Knowing them, they will be late.” Seoni said and a fireball started to appear on her palm.

“Now, now, no fireball in the woods. You know it’s summer and it can start a forrest fire,” the ranger said while checking the supplies they had brought with them for the nth time. After a couple of minutes, both fighters emerged from the darkened areas of the location.

“Sorry, we had to get away from Mama. She’s will be angry when we leave the Farmhouse without her knowledge.” Fenta said and grinned like a kid.

“That Giant Hermit Crab is your Mama?!” Valeros exclaimed.

“Of course! Don’t you remember Mama when you created me?” Flenta asked innocently and Valeros froze in shock, not understanding the other fighter’s words.

“Honestly, you can argue in the cart. Now load it and we can go!” Seoni didn’t wait for them to follow her as she rode the cart beside Harsk.

They rode for four hours instead of three because one of the main roads where closed from the public. They had to circle around it. When they arrived, the sun was already out and there are people who were swimming already in the beach.

The Party

Upon arrival, Seoni had secured them a place to stay for the night and a hut that they can use for the day. The hut was close to the beach with a place to grill their slices of meat.

“So, do we swim now?” Seoni asked, slightly excited to dip in the azure waters beyond the sand.

“Maybe we just cook first and eat? I’m hungry.” Flenta said. All agreed and started to cook their food. They ate hearthily and after cleaning up, it was already noon.

“Let’s swim!” Flenta said.

Looking at the Valeros and Harsk, Seoni rolled her eyes in exasperation and agreed with what Flenta said. The air was humid and the sun was scorching hot. It was a perfect time to swim!

“Since you don’t want to come with us, you stay here and secure our belongings.” Seoni said and rushed to where Flenta had run off. When she arrived there, the beach was light gray and stretched from the beach to where Flenta was waddling.

“Wait for me!” Seoni said and stripped her clothes, leaving some for modesty, then followed where Flenta is. There were no stones that pierced her foot as she walk away from the beach. The waves were cradling her body, pushing her back to the beach but she did not relent. The water was cool and refreshing that she dove in to throughly drench her body.

“Do you think we can still walk farther?” Flenta asked and Seoni raised her eyebrow.

“You’re a halfling. we are staying here or you will drown,” the sorcerer said and looked at the water beneath them. It was all sand under her feet and it was she can see the her toes as it digs into it.

Continiously, the waves push them back to the beach and everytime they were near it, they walk back to their original place. There was one time that Flenta was waddling near the beach when Seoni thought digging in the sand.

“What are you doing?” the halfling asked when she approached the furiously digging sorcerer.

“I am making a Dam, just like the one we are about to storm next week.” Seoni said, digging deeper and deeper in the sand then build a dam to prevent the sea into getting in the hole that she dug. But mother nature is stronger and eventually the human gave up. As they were rinsing the sand off their body, Flenta waved at Valeros and Harsk to join them.

“We found a lake! Let’s check it out!” Valeros exclaimed as he swam towards them while Harsk was following closely behind.

The lake was prestine and amazing like the sea, except it’s a little deeper. The shallow part is only five feet while the deepest is maybe eight to 10 feet. Harsk dove right in while Valeros sat at one of the edges before slowly lowering himself in. Flenta sat at one side as it was too deep for her in the first place while Seoni duplicated Valeros actions as she doesn’t know if it was really just five feet or deeper.

“The water is amazing!” as Valeros swam from one end to another, noting that it was warmer than the sea. Flenta who only the basics of dog paddle, decided to follow her father’s footsteps and jumped right in the lake. But there were two problems that presented to her after the jump:

  1. She’s just 4’5″ in height, which means she needs to tiptoe if she wants to keep afloat.
  2. She only knows dog paddle. What kind of skill is that?
  3. And wasn’t it mention that she’s only 4’5″?

And thus, everyone came to help when she lost her tiptoeing and struggled for air to breathe. Seoni wanted to cast a Frost Ray on her when she was safely deposited by the edge of the lake, so that the halfling won’t do that kind of stunt ever again.

They all swam for a couple more hours until it was time for them to return to the hut to cook the remaining food that they have for supper.

Sleeping Arrangement

Since they are operating at a limited budget, Seoni booked a room that will fit the four of them. It wasn’t big, especially the bathroom, but it will do. Plus the beds, if put together, is very roomy that another person can join them.

As Flenta busy talking about how they got away from her ‘Mama’ and her papa was busy sulking because one of the Shopkeeper’s daughter in the village broke up with him, Seoni nodded politely in agreement.

“Well, the old man is asleep.” Flenta noted and Seoni covered the ranger with the blanket. The halfling then mirrored the movement when she saw that her papa is fast asleep as well.

Going back to what Flenta was talking about, Seoni fell asleep while the fighter was busily droning on and on about her papa’s charisma to women and creatures alike.

The Second Day

Waking up at five o’clock in the morning was a breeze to Harsk as he slept early the previous day, plus he’s old. Without waking up the rest of the motley crew, he went out of their room planning on walking down the shore. However, he was then greeted with a horde of Orcs, running around and having fun at the god-forsaken hour. He then hastily go back to the room and slept.

After an hour of pretending to sleep, Harsk heard Seoni waking up and shaking both Flenta and Valeros awake.

“There’s a horde of Orcs outside.” Harsk said and Seoni groaned. The decided to break their fast in one of the shops in the vicinity, carefully eyeing Valeros if he plans on charming another Shopkeeper’s Daughter for the taking.

“Papa, wake up! Let’s walk!” Flenta exclaimed after their meal is complete, in which Valeros readily agreed.

The father and daughter duo walked by the beach, and true to what the ranger had said, there were boatloads of Orcs swimming and lounging everywhere. Valeros saw the hanging bridge and urged the halfling into following him.

“C’mon, you’re a fighter for god sakes!” Valeros said and laughed when the bridge swayed and Flenta is forced to stop in the middle. She then cried for her papa but the brute man laughed at her and just waited on the other side.

“Papa, I will strangle you when I get there!” Flenta screamed as she inched her way to where the other fighter was standing, still laughing at her predicament.

“As if you can reach my neck!”, the human remarked and left the struggling fighter in the middle of the hanging bridge. It forced Flenta to rush where Valeros is and ran back to where they were staying.

When Seoni opened the door, Flenta rushed to where she is and told the blow by blow account of what Valeros did to her when they were on the bridge. The sorceress only remarked is a raise of an eyebrow and pushing the still screaming halfling to the bathroom to change so that they can swim for the last time.

When they arrived by the beach, Seoni and Flenta struggled to find a spot that they can swim in without bumping to any Orcs that were beginning to be rowdy as they tossed a inflated carcass of an animal over the heads.

Distraught and slightly grossed out, they decided that a swim in the lake is a much more enjoyable passing of time. The lake wasn’t that populated and they swam for a couple hours before a group of Orcs managed to gain access to it.

Upon arriving the room, Harsk was busy cleaning and packing so that they can leave as fast as they can. Seoni and Flenta cleaned up  as well and by noon time, they were ready to go.

“Let’s do this again next year!” Flenta exclaimed while they were in the cart, traveling back to their villages.

“Fine.” Seoni said, “As long as it the same beach.”

Both Valeros and Harsk agreed, as they planned for the next outing even if it is a year away.



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