The Prison Room: A Breakout Room Review

Note: This article is written in collaboration with Spilled Spagehtti Janitor in our now defunct group blog Tuesdays with Bison.

We are there, imprisoned in a dark room and the only light illuminating our tasks is from a light source somewhere inside the room! How hard is that? Oh, add the locks, keys, puzzles that we need to solve.

It was our first time to experience Break Out, a game where you and your friends submit yourselves to be trapped in a room and you need to do certain tasks to get out or else. It was enlightening that we, as a group, are bat-shit crazy when stressed with certain scenarios.

Based on the brief from their website:

You are a distinguished police officer locked up after being wrongfully framed. For months, you have been plotting your escape but are intercepted by another officer who discovers your plans and knocks you unconscious.

Much later, you wake up to the sound of a prison riot and realize you’re alone in the cell. With the commanding officer gone, you decide to try and escape before the guards return. 45 minutes is all it takes for a riot to clear. Can you remember your notes and breakout in time?

Basically, the gist of it is that you’re prisoners and you have 45 minutes to escape. The concept is enjoyable and there is a really good progression leading one clue to another.

The ambiance of the room is spot on and the puzzles itself is pretty straight forward, maybe because we are used in playing with these kinds of puzzles. So the 6 of us have certain tasks:

  1. The reader aka Spilled Spaghetti Janitor, who reads everything and treating it as fanfictions
  2. The blind mouse aka Dandy Dan, who just tried to do whatever someone asks him to do it, minus accuracy for his blindness
  3. The code breakers, aka Bitter Balrog and Vicious Vega, as we are trying to unlock locks or using keys
  4. The thinkers, E. Honda and some Fish that I don’t know the name

Alas, despite our gaming capabilities, we didn’t get out – but we had fun in the dark; sounds so wrong. And for the record, it was always all @dandydandydan’s fault.

*Image credit: The Official Breakout Website



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