A One Music Review

A One is the latest album of Ayumi Hamasaki that is dubbed by fans as going back to her original form. I for one is terribly excited for the music as it boasts new music that really boasts her singing prowess.

A-ONEcover301. A Bell

It was surprising that the album starts off with a instrumenal. It was one of those instrumentals that is perfect for drama sequences for reminiscing those good ol’ days with your loved one. Then, after the music has faded, you will find out if the loved one is still there with you or not.

02. Warning

The music video of the song is edgy and full of gyrating bodies. The music itself is full of rock and roll, and full of anger. You can feel Ayu’s song that you don’t want to mess with her. But what drew a lot of people into liking the music is not because of the way it sound, but the lyrics. Some of the lyrics says (yes, I’m paraphrasing) that she doesn’t care what other think, she will do what she wants for once. The rumour is that it was directed to Ayu’s fans who only likes complain about her songs, that she’s not famous anymore. Way to go Ayu!

03.No Future

The opening of the song reminds me of an 80s song that I can’t remember. It starts off something slow and then accelerates a little, especially on the chorus parts. But was is surprising is the way her voice compliments the crescendo of music that it moves from high to low notes. Her voice is really something.

04. Anything for You

The first of her ballads in the album. It was said that the lyrics was first displayed in her twitter account, and it was about her staff working so hard that she wants to be hardworking like them. Yes, Ayu is workaholic and her staff is also like her, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t regard them any less. The ballad is a little disappointing, not because it doesn’t suit her voice, but it seemed a little safe for her. While the song seems to reach the peak, it becomes short in delivering the climax that is needed. However, after listening it several times, you can get addicted to Ayu’s almost monotonous voice cradled lovingly by orchestrated music.

05. Last Minute

This is one of my favorite music in the album mainly because it was part of the mini-album released previously. It is Ayu’s signature rock ballad that starts off with an accompaniment of a piano and then breaks out with electric guitars. These rock ballads really suit her voice that can morph into a voice that is full of despair — which the song really calls for. I’ve posted a part of the lyrics in my previous post.

The nights when loneliness overpowers me mercilessly
to the point I can’t even cry anymore
you’re the only one I want to see
It has to be you and no one else
I could ask why, but there’s no reason

Out of Control

06. Zutto…

The next slow ballad that is included in the previous mini-album. The start is really slow and her voice floats as the music continues on. It’s as if ver voice is caressing your face as she sings it to you.

07. Out of Control

The song is another rock ballad that starts of slow but it picks up once it hits the chorus and everything comes crashing down. Her voice seems to be asking for help as the despair that she is feeling consumes her. Then the next verse will go back to where she started. This song is somewhat related to Last Minute and yet, totally different.

08. Story

Another ballad up her belt that boasts a hopeful tune that becomes harder once chorus hits. Her voice is also hardened, as if narrating the story in the song is the only way to explain what she is feeling. This might be a song for her husband, how they met and how she wants to know their story as a couple.

09. The Gift

This song features the famous Singaporean artist JJ Lin, who really did the piano masterfully. The music and how Ayu’s voice seemed softly at first and then it hits the high notes as if she didn’t put any effort.

10. The Show Must Go On

Upon hearing this music, it is like the second part of her song called “Snowy Kiss”, from the start to finish. It seemed it was really put up like that as a continuation of the story — as if the anger has dissapated and the only thing she needs to do is to do what needs to be done. Yes, Ayu is independent and wants to do the things she wants to do on her own. I would love to see this performed live as it is full if vibrancy and power.

11. Walk

This is also part of the mini-album that is somewhat sub-par to the other ballads in this album. It still features Ayu’s great voice and singing prowess, but a little monotonous that it doesn’t shine with the likes of Last Minute and The Gift.

ayumi_aonebanner12. Movin’ on Without You

This is from Utada Hikaru‘s album Utada Hikaru no Uta. She took the song to the next level, I tell you.

13. Tell All (2015 Mix)

A bonus track for her fans which reminds me of her earlier works like Poker Face but with a newer twists. It boasts more electronic music and a little ballad that might be previously part of Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus album.

Overall, the album is a sure winner! The music and lyrics is all trademark Ayu that makes you to want more of her.



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