[COtD] Haunt (Pathfinder ACG Version)

Cursed is a much easier term to remember.haunt Haunts are a henchman card from the Pathfinder Adventure Card game where you don’t need to battle it to win against it, which is the least of your problems. It just sticks around until the end of the scenario, like a psycho ex who still has a hots for you.

What does it do, you ask?

Well, for each Haunt card beside the character, the difficulty of any checks is increased by 1. That means, that if you are fighting an ogre with combat 14, the check will be combat 15 if you have a Haunt beside your character.

Oh, but do you think that’s the worst thing that could happen? There’s more!

In this scenario, when a character encounters a Haunt, the player must roll a six-sided die. Now, if the sum of the die rolled plus the number of Haunts already encountered by the characters is 5 or greater, then that character will encounter Iesha Foxglove.

Who is Iesha Foxglove, you ask?iesha

Well, she’s a villain, judging from the red borders on the card — and extremely dangerous. She’s dangerous because in order for you to defeat her, you must pass a check using only the following traits: Charisma, Diplomacy and Divine.

Yes, it’s not a Combat check, so your puny little weapons will not damage her! /evil laughter Currently, the only characters in our party who has a small chance in defeating her is Seoni — Diplomacy check is D12 (Charisma) +2; and Kyra — Divine Check is D12 (Wisdom) + 2.

We are so dead.



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