Parasyte Episode 6 Review

Shot through the heart, and you’re to blame! YEAH!

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

I am healed.
I am healed.

Ouch, that got to hurt physically, mentally and emotionally. Shinichi was killed by his mother with a knife to his heart.

Migi performed what no parasite has performed before, be the heart of the host and merged throughly in order to survive the ordeal. Because of this, Shinichi didn’t go to school for weeks while Migi was still healing him and nourishing his body with water and sugar. This kept him alive but malnourished.


Eventually, he wakes up and already notices the changes in his body, starting with his eyesight. A big scar covered his chest where his “mother” tried to kill him and deduced that Migi had saved his life. He also learned that his father is confined in the Sakurazaki hospital. Knowing that his “mother” will also try and kill his father when she finds him, he sets out to the hospital in haste, with the spirit of vengeance.

In the hospital, Shinichi’s father is talking to the detective about his wife and how she was killed. As the evidence dictates, the detectives don’t believe his story about his wife died as she was able to check out the hotel they are staying in. When Shinichi arrived, his father had retracted his story about being killed, most probably because of the pressure from the detective officers.

Still worried that he might loose his only parent when his “mother” arrives, he decided to station himself in front of the hospital everyday as Migi can only sense another one of his kind within the 300 meter radius. Migi then revealed that Shinichi is now really a part of himself as it was a side effect of what Migi did on his body.

While waiting one afternoon, Migi informed him that there’s another of his kind by the beach. Boiling in rage, he then ran at a very fast pace and jumped over several hundred meters of seawall just to attack the parasite.

Migi: Are you willing to kill , Shinchi?
Migi: Are you willing to kill , Shinchi?

Is that his mother? We don’t know until the next episode.

I am seriously liking this episode as the power Migi inadvertedly gave Shinichi made him like a super soldier but with a transforming hand.

But the question is, is he really killing his “mother”? Can he kill it?

Yes, it’s true that it’s a parasite but it still has her face and hopefully with renewed vigor, he can push his rage and ultimately kill the pretender.



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