Parasyte Episode 5 Review

OMG, parasite relocation is possible!

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

What a nice view!
What a nice view!

The episode opens up with a roadtrip to somewhere and there’s a hint already that one of the people in the car is a parasite. With the flat, monotonous voice and naivety of a seatbelt. For the first time in the series, it has been established that relocation of a parasite from one body to another is possible but there might be risks.

Shinchi is still wondering what Ryoko (Tamiya-sensei) had informed him about his pureness and being the interesting for her. While walking home, Shinchi then spotted a classmate (who beat him because of liking the same girl in episode 3) getting beat up. This is when he had a flashback of Migi informing him that the only thing that it does not understand about the human race is sacrificing oneself for the sake of another.

Shinichi then get’s beat up for trying to help his classmate. Kana, one of the bullies pitied him and asked the tormentor, Mitsuo, to stop. While Kana is preaching to Shinichi how stupid he is and looking at his eyes, she sensed something different and got very afraid of what she saw. The gang then left them alone as instructed by Kana.

Do you want to stay the night?
Do you want to stay the night?

Later, while Shinichi and Satomi are walking home, Kana appeared before them and took a picture of him without his consent. She then remarked that he was a poser and should already speak the truth, which Shinichi promptly ignores and continues on as if nothing happened. Unbeknownst to them, Mitsuo (whom I think likes Kana but was rejected) was nearby and orchestrated an attack by kidnapping Satomi away from Shinchi.

When Shinichi followed them, Mitsuo started beating him up and telling Shinchi to go home. Migi notified Shinichi that it will reveal itself when his body can’t stand the beating as their race are honed to their survival alone. Before Migi can seriously hurt Mitsui and the other bullies, Kana intervened and a fight erupted between their schoolmates and the gang.

Meanwhile, the parasite who relocated is unsuccessful in controlling the body. Another revelation occurred that while yes, a parasite can relocate from one body to another, it should also stick to the gender where it first inhabitted. In this case, it needs a human host as the body is rejecting it knowing that it doesn’t not have a male head.

Ah, this episode is full of revelations as after a unsuccessful attempt of trying to let Satomi spend the night in his house, Shinichi was surprised to see Kana behind him. Stalker much? Migi warned him that despite Kana being human but she has an ability to sense the parasites, albiet the ability is weak.

Remember when Shinichi’s parents went for a vacation? Luck has it that his mother was targetted by the parasite who need another body and was killed on the spot by beheading in front of his father. How cruel was that?

Ouch. That looks painful.
Ouch. That looks painful.

Shinichi then received a call from his father, warning him of what had occurred. Distraught and full of disbelief, he didn’t heed Migi’s warning as the parasite with the face of her mother appeared before him. This earned him with a stab to the heart and being left to die as his “mother” still searched for his still alive father.

How heartbreaking is that? That the very people that you wanted to protect is now either dead or seriously injured. I believe this episode will be a catalyst for Shinichi as he tries to take down all the parasite that is within his reach. This might also mean that he will be more brave in terms of fighting the other parasites as his mother’s death will always be in his memory.



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