Insurgent: A Movie Review

Warning: I have neither read all of the books of the Divergent trilogy nor watch the first movie. Spoilers ahead!

Insurgent_posterInsurgent is the second movie based on the second novel by Veronica Roth of the Divergent Trilogy.

As I have not read nor watch the movie, I’ll be just commenting of what I thought of the movie. I have not read any reviews prior to this and I have not read the synopsis of the movie either.

The movie is about a divergent named Tris and how she tries to survive with her lover named Four. This is not a stand-alone movie and clearly, I had a hard time trying to understand the movie let alone remembering all the names of the characters. I was hoping that a small synopsis flashback was shown before the actual movie, but well, I guess the target audience were not me.

What I liked about the movie is Shailene Woodley, the actress who did Tris. There were a lot visual effects happening and yet, she had managed to make it believable — especially the scene with the tubes stuck to her body.

Or what?

I also loved the setting and the differences between factions. It became helpful in a sense that it explains what the faction is and what they do. It also helps that there are some dialogues that explains what faction is for. But most of them, we had to just guess.

The action scenes were also awesome, gets my heart pumping with adrenalin as Tris punch fist after fist to a guy who was an asshole. It got me thinking that maybe she is a bionic woman of some sort. And it also helps that the story is fast-paced.

What I don’t like about the movie is that it’s predictable, even if I don’t know anything about the world. It maybe attributed to the fact that it seems everything is easy for Tris. Someone defined what the faction is all about, someone volunteered the information where the other Dauntless are, she went in her own free will regardless having that machine in her system, and so on and so forth.


The movie did entertain me but it reminded me of a novel turned movie called The Maze Runner. I did not read the novels for both movies but The Maze Runner is much more enjoyable and entertaining. I was hoping that watching Insurgence will entice me to watch the next one, but it did not.

Overall, the movie is fine even if there are pros and cons. Its target audience is definitely the fans who have read the books and bystanders who have watched the first movie. If you like action without paying attention on the story itself, you might want to watch this.



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