Banana Episode 2 Review

A heartbreak.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

goodbye scottyIn this episode, we get to know more about Scotty, Dean’s somewhat best friend when it comes to asking favors. They are both young, but in a different sense. While Dean is young in sense of not owning his responsibility, Scotty is direct opposite.

The episode opens with Scotty telling to Dean that she had met the woman whom she can spend the rest of her life with. She then openly declares that she loves that mystery woman. It seems that Scotty has memorized the woman’s schedule in terms in shopping for groceries and has been making sure that she is in the same grocery at the same time. After peering into the mystery woman’s car and a series of phone calls, she had found out that the love of her life’s name is Yvonne.

Helping her mother everyday.
Helping her mother everyday.

Scotty is a hardworking woman as she is the sole provider for her sick mother. She works everyday, from being employed in the same company as Dean, to being a call center agent and several odd jobs here and there when she has free time. Whatever left over money she has, she saves it in a jar in their kitchen. However, after seeing Yvonne, she had stalked her house at night in hopes to see more of her.

One night, when Scotty was on her nightly routine of stalking the house, Yvonne’s husband came out and charged at Scotty’s vehicle, forcing her to drive away. A few days following the incident, both Yvonne and her husband charged their way to Scotty and Dean’s office. It was fortunate that Scotty saw them before they can cause any ruckus and loose her job.

It was then Scotty admitted that she thinks that Yvonne was lovely. Scotty then enumerated why she thinks it is the right term to describe Yvonne. They reached an agreement that Scotty will distance herself away from Yvonne.

Scotty, lethargic and sad, managed to perform her duties like a robot as she needed to earn money as she is responsible for her mother’s health. But she stayed away from Yvonne as promised.

It's unfair!
It’s unfair!

One day, she was surprised and angry as Yvonne was there waiting for her in the grocery parking. As they settled in for a talk, Yvonne made it clear that she was there as a reply to what Scotty had called her the other day. That someone as sweet as scotty that called her ‘lovely’ should hear a reply from the recipient of the compliment.

Scotty had all the love to give and yet she does not know where or who to direct it. Yvonne maybe the woman she thought she can live with for the rest of her life, Yvonne does not reciprocate it but she was kind enough to be someone that can be considered as a friend.

Both Dean and Scotty are the type of people who wants to love and be loved. However, Dean is more aggressive in finding it, whereas Scotty prefer to be in the sidelines. These different kinds of love are present in the episodes of this series and makes you wonder what were your experiences when you are looking for the right one.



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