Banana Episode 1 Review

Are you ready for the action?

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

banana1The first episode centers on a young homosexual character named Dean who by all intents and purposes loves fucking with random people who he had met online. He’s not a prostitute, mind you, but he is a paper pusher (quite literally) in some random company and is somewhat (in)famous with his colleagues.

On this one fine day, Freddie, Dean’s flatmate, is asking for his share of his rent. Ignoring Freddie’s outbursts, he proceed to go to work and imagining having a relationship with someone who he rides with the local bus. The scene was pretty explicit, hot and romantic, despite the other man dying because of some disease that involves the man’s lungs.

He seems to have an overactive imagination to be able to imagine himself being fucked by an unknown stranger.

Hmmm... Kisses.
Hmmm… Kisses.

Arriving at work, his colleagues asked him about the contraption called a “chastity belt” that seems to held his penis. He then gave this fascinating story about a man who holds the key to the contraption and he will be summoned if he is needed. But of course it was short-lived as once a prospect messaged him online about having a fuck, he then asked his good ol’ friend Scotty to saw way through the contraption and thus releasing his penis to have a fuck.

When he got home, Freddie confronted him about getting money from his folks. Despite Dean regaling what he went through in his family life, Freddie insisted that he can get money from his parents and he was lying about his experiences.

So with Scotty driving him until a few blocks to his family home, he braced himself for the worse. It seems that Freddie was right and Dean is just an elaborate story teller, as he was welcomed by his parents. After a brief squabble with his family, he wasn’t able to get the money he needed and told Scotty that his family tossed him out after asking nicely.

Returning home, he tells Freddie that his parents didn’t want to lend him money and maybe something comes up. Freddie then tells him that he is such a child.

That night, their peaceful slumber was interrupted by one of Dean’s colleagues called Henry, who is a middle-aged gay man. Henry asked to move in with them and will pay the rent that Dean owes.

Scotty with Dean
Scotty with Dean

For the reader’s information, Dean is 19 years old and is relatively old enough to be on his own. Unfortunately, he is quite young in a sense that he can’t face his responsibility by continuously running away. His elaborate stories also makes him feel that he is important and does not face the consequences of his actions. This prompts Freddie to always remind him that he is still young.

The episodes is really a reminiscent of the Queer as Folk series of Russel T. Davies and yet different in a sense. Mainly because the struggle that Dean faced is not only for the LGBT community, but everyone as a whole. Maybe the intent of this series to elaborate that everyone, regardless of gender, our issues are mostly the same with one another.



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