[COtD] Hypothermia & Ithaqua (Eldritch Horror version): COMBO BREAKER

Yes, not one but two cards this time and this cards are nasty, not to mention cold.


I have recently acquired and we played the expansion of Eldtrich Horror called Mountain of Madness. There a lot of items added in this expansion and a new board that lets investigators explore Antarctica and other areas.

One of the cards that killed nearly all of the investigators in a mythos phase due to Ithaqua reckoning powers, it’s the Hypothermia condition.

Like what the card states, when an investigator performs the “Heal Action”, s/he can only heal their sanity, then roll a die. On the result of 4, 5 or 6, discard the condition. Sounds easy right?


When an investigator gets another hypothermia condition, instead of piling the conditions up, it asks you to flip the card. We know what that means, right? Yes. All sorts of additional problems like gaining additional conditions or worse, losing a chunk of your life.

Oh, and it doesn’t end there. When all the effects of the card flipping is executed, the investigator will still get another hypothermia condition.ITHAQUA

When the hypothermia condition is paired up with Ithaqua’s reckoning effect, it get’s much worse. Ithaqua’s reckoning effect states that each investigator will gain a hypothermia condition unless he spends one Focus.

How did it eliminate majority of the investigators in our game time? Everybody forgot about Ithaqua’s ability and majority of them already has hypothermia condition to begin with. So, when the reckoning. started, everyone was caught unawares. All their hypothermia flipped and lost a lot of life.

So the next time you tried to challenge an ancient one from the arctic circle, make sure to bring your warmest clothes, the fire in your spirit and pray those things are enough to trek the harshest winter in the game.



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