CHAPPiE: A Movie Review

I think God, in creating man, somewhat overestimated his ability.

Oscar Wilde

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Chappie_posterCHAPPiE is a movie about an experimental robot and humans trying to be god in one form of another. The movie setting is in the city of Johannesburg, South Africa. Crime rate is on the rise and to eliminate police casualties, humanoid robotic figures are designed and created to help uphold justice. Think of it as RoboCop, however, they are fully artificial and can be manufactured in jiffy. They are used as a tool to achieve peace in a chaotic city.

Their creator Deon (Dev Patel) is a celebrated engineer who had created those machines in hopes to design a robot with a conscience. All throughout the movie, you can see his passion in trying to create machine that is indestructible and intelligent yet is govern with a human’s conscience. It can act like a human, think like a human and be like a human, when it choose to be one. It can understand and create art, have hobbies, has free will to choose what it wants to be.

Am I Black Sheep?

What I like about this movie is that it explores the ways man wanted to act and be like a ‘god’. From Deon trying to create a sentient being that also has a free will like every human being in the world; to Vincent (Hugh Jackman) who had turned to be a vengeful god as he tries to upstage Deon in getting the results he wanted and thinking that everything he did against the criminals are justified. Ninja (Watkin Tudor Jones) also manipulated the outcome to his benefit by teaching and lying to CHAPPiE regarding doing the heist and gain the money he needed to pay off a debt.

These things has an effect with how CHAPPiE viewed the world and how he had come to understand the world they all live in. It also opened up new possibilities about transfering ones consciousness into an accessible devices. With the technology nowadays, don’t you think it’s possible? I’ve read somewhere that a person’s DNA is just made up of 2 (or 3) TB of data.

As much as there are plot holes in the whole story like why the security of Deon’s company is so lax considering they live in a city where the criminal rate is high; and also where did the other 150,000 standby policemen hiding when the security droids are patrolling the streets in place of their jobs.

CHAPPiE: Mommy, read me a story!
CHAPPiE: Mommy, read me a story!

It saddens me that the movie also reflects what will humans do when we have been too dependent in technology to aid our work. There is a scene that despite being policemen who are raiding a hideout of a notorious gang leader, they were using the droids as shields as they proceed slowly to their target. And yet, when the droid was damaged by a rocket launcher, rather than pursuing the criminal, they had run out in fear as they have become too dependent on the machines to do their work.

The cinematography and special effects are awesome. While there is a little gore as there are a lot of killing everywhere, it is needed to fully comprehend characters like Vincent and to set the tone of the whole movie.

By the power of Grey Skull!
By the power of Grey Skull!

The acting was also amazing. They have done their job in giving the emotion that the viewers should feel in certain scenarios. The voice acting of Sharlto Copley as CHAPPiE is so believable that you can’t help but root for him as he experiences what is it to be alive and live.

Overall, the movie is not for everyone. If you are into a solid story, then you will be disappointed as there are a lot of plot holes that you might be able to point out. The graphics is nice and there’s a bit of action but if you like to wonder and try to see an unforeseeable future ahead, then I invite you to watch it.



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