Dreaming Darkness

It was dark and cold as we enter a room in the basement. We were called by ‘them’. A haunting? Perhaps.

We are triplets, called by unknown force to come for them in a basement. Which basement, I do not recall, but we are here and they are waiting.

I felt it enter, but the darkness prohibits me to see anything other than the light from our torches. I tried to talk but all I can hear is a weaze and garbled words.

My sisters started chanting, why am I the only one who can’t speak? I chanted with them as much as I can. The words are in my thoughts, and yet the words are not voiced out.

Sounds tried to drown my voice, my thoughts but I held on.

And then everything is quiet.

Exiting the room was hard and tiring, but I can speak again. Another person entered after us and I wanted to warn her/him.

I shouldn’t have entered. The door locked behind me, and there’s no escape. I pound at the door, asking for my sisters to open it, but they have ignore me.

The person I followed was nowhere to be found.

Was it an imagination? Is this a test? Am I a sacrifice?

I do not know.

Darkness prevails and I can not escape it.



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