Parasyte Episode 4 Review

The fight is on! Go Shinichi!

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

What are you doing Migi?!
What are you doing Migi?!

Are you ready to rumble?! It seems the fight will be a deciding factor of Shinichi’s trust in Migi and with its ability to handle the plan that they have created. The plan was Migi to distract A into thinking that its purpose is to attack. All the while Shinichi readies himself to strike with the broken chair leg.

Migi and A’s fight are so fast to the naked eye that Shinichi is forced to trust Migi’s awesome defensive skills and slowly approach A. In the opportune moment, Shinichi strikes, punching a hole in A’s chest and severing a major artery. That means, blood, LOTS OF FREAKING BLOOD.

Shot to the heart!

Migi proposed to kill A but Shinichi doesn’t have the guts to kill something that is living, let alone something that resembles a human being. Not to worry Shinchi, Tamiya-sensei will finish the job!

As everything settle down, Tamiya-sensei has informed her colleagues that she is expecting a baby. Due to the fact that she can not name the baby’s father, considering she killed him and all, she quit her job as the faculty deemed that she’s not a good role model for the children.

Now, revelations has began to appear as Tamiya-sensei informed him that when their kind settled in their new host, thei only directive is “to devour this species”.

But from where is the directive coming from? Why is the directive like that? Arg, lots of questions, no answers.

Mother's tears.
Mother’s tears.

Tamiya-sensei starts to engage into a fight with Shinichi and Migi. Migi had noticed that the opponent is strong that it can morph into two kinds. Upon looking in Shinchi’s eyes, Tamiya-sensei had noticed that he is not “pure” anymore.

Another part of this episode tackles about being a mother and the power of being a mother that Tamiya-sensei did not understand at the slightest. A glimpse of Shinichi’s childhood revealed that his mother loved him very much. She also knows that something is different from her son but she is waiting for Shinchi to reveal what he is hiding. In the end, his parents go to a vacation and leaves Shinichi at home.

This episode is like a catalyst of something that will probably know in the next one. There are so many questions and yet the answers are not yet there for us to understand. One thing is for sure, a mother always knows their child. I do wonder if Tamiya-sensei will finally understand it once she had given birth to her baby.



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