「MOON PRIDE」LIVE MV by ももいろクローバーZ


I have been a fan of the Sailor Moon series since I was a child — yes, you can calculate my age by now. I was somewhat ecstatic when they have announced its revival last year as I needed this in my life again.

Then it came.

I will lie if I told everyone that I have loved it, but I do not, nor do I hate it. I was just disappointed. I was hoping it would be brilliant, more awesome than its predecessor or it’s live action counterpart, but it was not. I want to list the things that I was disappointed about the new series but that is just being a spoiled brat — not getting what I wanted, expected.

With this I will leave you the live MV of the artists who sang the opening theme. And a promise that once the arc where the outer senshi has emerged, I will be watching the anime, reviewing its flaws and comparing it from its predecessors.



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