Parasyte Episode 3 Review

It’s the scary woman, I tell you.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Are you scared now?

It seems another character will be introduced and as Shinichi’s bad luck, it’s the temporary math teacher in his school, Tamiya-sensei. And to add salt to injury, the teacher will be the homeroom teacher of Satomi, which added fuel to his protectiveness of the woman he loves likes.

After their math subject finishes, Tamiya-sensei asked Shinichi to go to the guidance room to discuss something with her. Envious, his classmates speculates why she needs to talk to him. One mentions that he is lucky while another seems to have feelings for him and is jealous. It seems that him and Satomi being a couple is not widely known.

Fighting will get you nowhere, A-san.

Later that day, as agreed upon by Migi (and by extension Shinichi), they’ve met with Tamiya-sensei and another man named A. It has been revealed that Tamiya-sensei and A had sex (HONESTLY, IT’S TMI TO TELL YOUR STUDENT, BTW) which resulted her to be pregnant with a human child. Unfortunately, before they have completed their discussion, A abruptly left and contemplated on killing Shinichi as they are deemed dangerous. Before Tamiya-sensei left, she gave them a warning not to disclose what they are as she likes where she is right now, and Shinichi doesn’t want anyone to die.

The following day, it’s math time again and it seems that A really wants to kill Shinichi in broad daylight and with a lot of witnesses. So he went to his school and massacres all the teachers that stands in his way.

As the announcements are made, Shinichi and Migi are contemplating on fighting, Migi mentions its plan to Shinichi which involves sacrificing the student population as a meat shields while they attack A. Of course, Shinchi did not agree to whatever Migi is planning and decides to fight the intruder one on one. Thus, Migi had to adapt and changes his plan.

It’s a Royal Rumble!

I am pretty excited for the next episode as this is a real fight between two parasytes without usage of words or distraction.

About Tamiya-sensei having a child, it seems that it is an experiment that they want to perform, maybe to explore what it means to be human. It also means that while the parasite takes over the mind of their hosts, all the bodily functions of the human is still usable. This is an interesting theory that will probably be further explained in the next episodes.



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