[COtD] Jenny Barnes: The Dilettante (Elder Sign version)

To open my Card Of the Day posts, I bring to you one of the superstars in Arkham Horror, Jenny Barnes!


Jenny is one the characters that we love in all the Cthulhu mythos games that we play in the group. And now I will elaborate as to why one in the group tends to be her default and only character — unless of course Jenny dies. (hi spilledspaghetti haha)

What is there to love Jenny Barnes in Elder Sign board game?

For one thing her ability is pretty useful in terms of using all the dice pool available by sacrificing either a spell, a clue or a common item. This enables player to up the chances of completing tasks, get rewards and defeating the Ancient One.

Her sanity and stamina combination is average enough to be able to handle punishments from not completing tasks.

Her starting items is a common item and a spell, perfect fodder for her ability, if needed.

Jenny is pretty and bad-ass at the same time. ‘Nuff said.

So if you are playing the Elder Sign board game or even the Elder Sign: Omens phone game, try Jenny as your primary character and hope that your rolls are in your favor.

If you’re interested in reading my post about the Elder Sign: Omens game, access it here. But if you want its board game counterpart, the review is here.



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