Elder Sign: Omens: A Game Review

They who must not be awaken should remain so. Only the Elder Signs can push them back to their slumber.

File:Elder Sign, Omens.jpeg

Elder Sign: Omens is an game application on both Android and iOS phones that replicates the game play of its counterpart board game. It still contains Cthulhu mythos and all the tentacles the players would want.

The game play is pretty similar to the board game. The goal of the game is collect Elder Signs that corresponds the number needed for the Ancient One to return back to sleep.

How to do it?

Each character will choose a task that s/he needs to complete and  roll six green dice. If the character wants to add additional dice, then a red and/or yellow dice is added to help the character to complete the tasks. Successfully completing of the tasks will be rewarded, while failure will be punished.

Player line-up

There are key differences between the game application and the board game which are as follows:

  • There are only 4 Ancient Ones that are playable for the free game. Different ancient ones will be unlocked when purchasing the expansion.
  • You can only pick 4 characters for one game.
  • When a character dies/become insane/devoured, players do not have an option to pick a new character and just try to complete the game minus one character (which is really hard, IMO).
  • Rolling the dice in the app game is much harder than its board game counterpart.

Despite the release is only months apart from the board game, this is a solid game that can occupy ones time. The game is pretty hard compared to its board game counterpart, mainly because the dice rolls are really random and precise.

Are you ready to face the Ancient One?

This is mostly a luck-based game that has stunning graphics and creepy music that makes you want to turn all the lights while playing. Another plus is that if you love Lovecraftian mythos and other board games, then you will bound to like this.

Overall, this game is something that you should try to try and ease your way to the Cthulhu lore and wonder.

For the review of the boardgame version of this, go here.



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