[TBT] Phantasy Star Ø: A Game Review

Two Hundred (200) years after the “Great Blank”, both humans and CASTs alike are trying to survive when a new species believed to be extinct appeared and threaten to destroy everything.

Phantasy Star ØPhantasy Star Ø’s story revolves all around the “Great Blank” and what had caused it. The storyline can be told in the POV of the three (3) different types of characters, where the start of the game will vary but the ending will be the same.

Humans are the same human beings that survived the “Great Blank”; the force that diminished their race but also destroyed other life forms on the planet.  While humans are easily understandable, CAST are humanoid machines that are created by humans in order to help them in their everyday lives. But due to the “Great Blank” their systems shut down. After two hundred (200) years, they are slowly waking up but with no memories of the tragedy that fell on the planet. Newmans on the other hand are living on the moon and believed to be extinct by both Humans and CASTs.01

There are three “classes” in the game:  the melees, who are efficient in hand to hand combat; the rangers, who are agile and can shoot long range weapons; and the magicians, who can use magic to heal their comrades or destroy enemies in the battlefield. Classes vary depending on what type of character you choose to use.

Weapons that are used can be synthesized to add specific trait that can be changed as long as you have the correct requirements. Items can also be used to strengthen the weapons and armors. Mags are like CASTs except they are smaller and fly beside you while you fight or run around in town. With Mags, you can use your “limit break” when you charged it. Mags can be fed with items and equipment to either boost or reduce its abilities.

Creating a party to complete quests is also available and can either connect thru the Nintendo Connectivity or the Wi-Fi internet. While connected, you can send visual chats that you can draw or write your messages just like PictoChat.

02Fighting “hostiles” are also a little tricky as you have to hold the left-trigger button to lock on to your target and sometimes it does not lock at all. Most of the time “hostiles” are moving too much and if you are a melee fighter, you might get frustrated from running all around and not damage the opponent. Grinding is also a staple in this game as the boss sometimes are too strong for you and you might end up just killing yourself.

The music is awesome that even message bubbles for messages have their own sound. Graphics are magnificent as it boosts details. Unfortunately, there only a few places that you can go to while questing and sometimes it gets to bothersome to go thru all paths.

Phantasy Star Ø might have a couple of flaws here and there, but still a memorable one as the storyline and party creation is a great new feature that will entice old and new players alike.



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