Parasyte Episode 2 Review

“I am not a human, nor a pet. Call me ‘Migi’ (右)”

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

It seems that the series wants to show gore at the first part of the episode.

In episode 2, a woman is being harassed by strangers who wants to have a “good time” with her. A man saves the day and he offers to walk her home. Unfortunately, a pipe struck his head and the men who was harassing the woman demands payback. Well, let’s just say, it didn’t end well to the human parties.

Uhm, no?

So we are back to Shinichi and his almost normal life. To add more complications to his predicament, Satomi is introduced as someone that Shinichi really likes — or as Migi had said “I am interested in human mating ritual. You want to mate with the girl, right?” THIS WAS OUTRIGHT HILARIOUS.

After a brief fight with a classmate who also like Satomi, Migi continues with its child-like naivety regarding Shinichi’s body AKA bodily functions and human nature. This part makes it hard to equate the parasyte inside Shinichi with the others who had taken over a human’s brain; as Migi is more curious, dare I say interested, about the world around it while the others just wants to eat the human race.

Also, in this episode, Shinichi learns what being human is all about. As Migi explained, their race are eating humans because they want to survive. Parasytes don’t have any concept of morals that the human possesses and their logic regarding sacrificing oneself for the betterment of others is understandable.

As Shinichi feels frustrated and desperate with the murder situations in the news, aptly named Mincemeat Murders, another of Migi’s kind approaches them. Shinichi wants to face it despite Migi’s insistence of distancing themselves. Of course, the protagonist/s won or else, there’s no story.

How sweet.

This episode tackles on human nature and morality that exists inside Shinichi; on Migi’s child-like wonder about the world it lives in and Shinichi’s balancing act with regards to his parasite and being human.

How Shinichi reacts to the situations defines him as a human being in Migi’s eyes, but it does not yet understand that no two humans are the same as there are a lot of factors that shape human behavior. Shinichi is also trying to do a balancing act as he wants to retain his humanity side as much as possible despite having a parasite in his hand.

On a lighter note, Shinichi and Satomi are now dating (I think), basing on their pancake date and hand holding stint in the park. But it is curious as to why Satomi always asks Shinchi, “Are you really Izumi Shinichi?”

The question is, is he still the same Izumi Shinichi?



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