Dreaming Nightmares

I had this dream about board games and I can’t decide if this is a nightmare or just a dream due to excessive playing.

If you plan on re-sharing this, please credit me as the author.

It all started with a game.

There were two of us that was ushered in the room. ‘They’ are wearing black suits with shades, looking all intimidating that one can not say ‘NO’ to their request.

The room was in the basement, that I knew and it was bare except for a couch and two side tables. There is another door besides the one I entered in. Only one remains as the other exits the other door. The other victim was scared as s***, I can tell, as her face is as pale as the full moon. I am too, who wouldn’t be?

The lights flicker, once, twice, three times. The other victim ran towards the door, and I was frozen. Everything appeared to be in slow motion as she easily slipped out of the door. ‘It’ tried to make chase. I moved then but I was already trapped. ‘It’ is in front of the only door that I can exit and is now turning towards me to incapacitate me.

I ran, around the furniture and as expected, ‘it’ wanted to catch me lest ‘it’ will loose another one. I seriously doubt that the other victim will come back for me. Getting behind the couch, ‘it”s mouth twist into a menacing grin and was about to charge towards me. With all my might, I pushed the couch forward and dragged ‘it’ until I was stopped by the wall. While everything was chaotic, I frantically ran towards the door and exiting the room, locking it on the other side. It was a wonder that a dead bolt was attached on it.

Turning around, I arrive in a hallway with only three doors for me to choose from, one on the right, another on the left and the last is in front of me.

As I was choosing which door I will try, I heard a bump on the door behind me. ‘It’ was still trying to catch me and I hastily entered the door on my left.

Inside, boxes pile up and reach the ceiling. Looking around, I saw a window that I can exit but it is situated too high up the wall. I saw a table at the far side of the room and a plan formed in my head. I locked the door behind me and pushed a big cabinet in front of it as precaution, just in case ‘it’ was still trying to catch me.

My plan was working, I thought, as I pulled the table in to position, then reached for the window and pulled myself out, gasping for air as I lay down on the grass.

Clapping. There was someone clapping. I looked up and indeed, I saw someone clapping.

“Congratulations”, he said, “You survived the boardgame”.

Then it was flashbacks of experiments and terror, images swirling around me.

Then I woke up.


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