Into the Woods: A Movie Review

Into the Woods is a musical turned movie that makes use of fairy tales from Brother’s Grimm and merged into one spectacular show. It seems that the moral of the story for this fairy tale is to be careful of what you wish for.

Warning: Spoiler ahead!

Into the Woods movie poster
Into the Woods movie poster

The story starts with each of the fairy tale’s protagonist is wishing for something, short of a miracle.

One of the wishes was from the Baker and his wife, for them to have a child together. They have learned from the neighbor, a witch, that she had placed a curse on their home. To lift the curse, they must present her four items: a cow as white as milk, a cape as red as blood, a slipper as pure as gold and hair as yellow as corn. To add with the challenge is that all the items must not be touched by the witch’s hands and they must gather them before midnight of the blue moon, which is in three days time.

Of course to make it easier to the couple: Jack is planning to sell the family (white) cow; Red Riding Hood is going to her grandmother’s house; Cinderella is attending the festival by running in her golden shoes; and Rapunzel is in a tower, pulling up her mother using her long (yellow) hair. And they all get to meet each other in the woods (hint hint).

You can now imagine that they have the pieces of the puzzle but they just need to find it and put them all in one spot. And fortunately, they did it before the clock strikes midnight on the third day. As the clock strikes midnight, all of the protagonists’ wishes come true and have received their happy ending.

Hello little girl.

But, everyone knows that when fairy tales end, reality starts to sink in. This has been represented by misfortunes that occurred on them after everything has settled and it seems that everything is the way it should be. Despite these misfortunes, they have faced their hardships and attain what they really want in life.

The movie in itself was great as majority of the casts have been able to carried out the role that they have applied for. The main story of the each of the fairy tales are done as closely as possible to its real story, and not the Disney version. The majority of the stories and the songs are entertaining at the very least, but there are still moments that it gets boring.

All and all, the movie is good but watching it one time is enough. It’s not as entertaining like watching an actual play and it doesn’t entice its viewers in watching the play in the future. The actors are awesome, and their roles are really delivered every well. There are fun moments and boring moments. I still recommend people to watch it and judge for themselves.




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