Parasyte Episode 1 Review

What if your world is not what you knew it, and in one moment, everything crashes down on you? What will you do when you found out that there’s something living inside you that you can’t remove?

Warning: Spoiler ahead!

Parasyte is a new anime that has the gore that can be a reminiscent of 進撃の巨人 (Shingeki no Kyojin) but double the shock value. The opening itself you was shocking that will make you want to watch more. How shocking? Let me tell you.

Imagine a man and woman staring at each other in a dim living room and before you can determine what is happening, the man’s head mutates into something totally out of this world. The woman is frozen on the spot and before anything can be done, the man’s face became a huge mouth and bit off the woman’s head.

How’s that for shocking? But wait there’s more!

Yummy breakfast!

You get to meet Shinichi, a normal schoolboy who wakes up thinking that nothing is wrong. However, it is revealed a few moments later that there is really really wrong. He touched his girlfriend’s boobs without preamble, which earned him a slap, by the way. And he has super human strength when he stopped a car from hitting him and a child who chased a runaway ball.

Good thing Shinichi is somewhat smart and he knew that something is living in his right hand. After trying to stab his right hand, It the parasite (parasyte?) revealed itself and informed him that its plan in taking over his brain is foiled and is now stuck in his right hand. Aptly name Migi (right in Japanese), it explains what he knows and has been studying the world while Shinichi was sleeping.

Eventually, Migi had disclosed that there are more of them out there and they had an impromptu fight with a mutated dog. It’s a good thing that Migi can fight despite having a cowardly host and now Shinichi wants answers to the growing questions about everything that had happened to him.

BRAINSSSSSS. Just kidding.

The anime itself was interesting and will really piqued your interest if you don’t mind the gore, of course. The killing spree of the parasyte’s are bloody and messy. The story is pretty solid, considering the manga was completed 20 years ago. Yes, it’s an old manga.

It is interesting to note as to how Shinichi will eventually come to terms about his predicament and what will he do when he meets a parasyte that took over the brain of a human, not just a part of the body. Will keep in watching to find out!



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