Kickstarters 2015 – Part 1 of ?

A friend of mine mentioned something about Kickstarter when were were having a coffee break. It was interesting that we have these kinds of crowd funding nowadays and it is easily available because of the world wide web (that’s the internet for you kiddies).

As an avid gamer, I am interested in finding out games that are going to be published by new and upcoming creators, or the usual people that needed more support from the community.

Browsing the site today (while counting the hours minutes before I can actually stand up and time out from work), I was struck by two games that piqued my interest: Medicine Whoops and Necronomicon, Horror RPG.

Medicine Whoops

The opening video makes me want to buy the game at once and play test it for ourselves. The game is pretty simple: you are a doctor and you need to operate the patient using anything that is within your reach (minus the kitchen sink — maybe). The other doctors players are trying to steal the patient by c*** blocking your operation by giving you the weirdest s*** that they can get their hands on.

Having fun yet?

This will be a perfect casual game for those people who just want to pass time, and it would be hilarious if we put a few shots of real alcohol while trying to operate a patient.

Necronomicon Horror RPG

Except for the Call of Cthulhu (did I spell that right), we are a group of players who don’t mind getting killed by Ancient Ones in the H.P. Lovecraft lore — Well, they die and I laugh because I am the one controlling the Ancient Ones. So imagine my surprise that there’s a game like this in the site.

That is not dead which can eternal lie.                                                                                               And with strange aeons even death may die.

The description wasn’t that entertaining, nor it was insightful. I wanted to bid for the sake of liking the lore, but I was hesitating mainly because I can’t see the glimpse of what the game is. Is it a game that will be roleplayed? Is the gameplay is like Dungeon and Dungeons scenario but with the H.P. Lovecraft mythos?

There are more questions than answers and I do hope when it is available publicly, we can try it once and see if we will like it.

Necronomicon Horror RPG's video poster



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